Game Preview: Aztecs vs. California State University-Fresno

What: San Diego State Aztecs @ Fresno State Bulldogs
When: Friday, October 14 at 7 p.m.
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -16.5

Strap in, it’s THE OLD OIL CAN WEEK…but we probably didn’t need to tell you about the long-standing rivalry between San Diego State and California State University-Fresno. It’s not like they just bought an oil can on eBay for $35 and made a trophy out of it. Oh, they did?

Why should we be scared of them?
Because confidence is a horrible thing. When you feel good, have some swagger, know you’re better than your opponent whose only win came against Sacramento State? That’s when you’re the most vulnerable. Never feel good about yourself. Never feel confident. Be scared of everything; especially a team that gets rolled by UNLV. It is a road game, after all.

Do they have anyone worth watching?
Watching the Aztecs in 2016, you have to look to their issues defending the pass. Sophomore wide receivers Jamire Jordan and KeeSean Johnson, along with redshirt freshman quarterback Chason Virgil, could cause the Aztecs problems on Friday night. Jordan’s REALLY fast, cuts well, and could really be an issue for a shaky secondary.

On defense, linebackers Jeff Camilli and James Bailey are the players to watch out for.

Why should we hate them?
Because we have to take the angst of every road trip through central California out on our chief rival from the area. It’s hot as shit, it smells and truckers back up traffic for miles because they’re going 60 and have to go around the semi that is going 55 in the slow lane. Now I’m really angry.

Do they have any famous alumni we can make fun of?
Oh boy, this is touchy. Did you know Fresno State has TWO astronauts they can count amongst their alumni? One is Rick Husband, who was the captain of Space Shuttle Columbia when it disintegrated upon re-entry over Texas in 2003. Okay, uh…9/11 hero Todd Beamer? Jerry Tarkanian? Yeesh. So many respected (and dead) people. Geez, maybe we should take the high ro-


Lane Kiffin is a Bulldog. A grown man who first trolls football programs with his coaching, then subsequently takes to Twitter to hammer home that he’s a mature leader of young men. He makes you think crazy things like “Holy shit, Al Davis was right.” Unforgivable, really.

Former Giants pitcher Mark Gardner is a Bulldog. He once gave up a home run to Jody Reed. Giants and Jody Reed home runs. That’s all I’m saying.

Will we beat them?
I believe that we will.

Author: Advisory Columnist

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