Game Preview: Aztecs vs. University of Nevada-Reno Wolf Pack


What: San Diego State Aztecs at Nevada Wolf Pack
When: Saturday, November 12 at 7:30 p.m.
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -23.5

I shot a man in Reno just to w-*fart noise*
A loss this week will have ramifications we have to live with going forward; some much more than others. Without preparation, motivation, enthusiasm, everything could be lost. You start out with pipe dreams of going undefeated, maybe making a big bowl game. Then you lose to South Alabama. You collect yourself, remember there’s still a Mountain West championship to win. And, hey, the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl isn’t THAT bad. It’s definitely not as exciting as going undefeated and playing in a major bowl … but it’s something. Stay focused, stay motivated, and worry about doing better next time; there’s still a job to finish. The alternatives could be much worse.

What were we talking about again?

Why should we be scared of them?
They play at altitude, so you have to respect that aspect. Their three wins were at home … so you should probably respect that aspect, as well. Realistically? There’s almost no reason to be scared of a team that lost to Hawai’i, San José State and Notre Dame.

Do they have anyone worth watching?
James Butler is one of the better rushers in the Mountain West, and is coming off of a good game vs. New Mexico. One would imagine Nevada-Reno abandoning the run at some point, but one would also imagine Butler getting his touches. One might also imagine a world where everything is made out of marshmallows, is edible, and everybody is happy.

Except not, because marshmallows are kind of shitty.

Why should we hate them?
Because there isn’t a University of Nevada-Laughlin for the Aztecs to play in football, and you’ve got to take that “WHY DIDN’T WE JUST GO TO VEGAS!?” anger out on somebody.

Do they have any famous alumni we can make fun of?
We can. Should we? You be the judge.


Get it? Judge!?

Will we beat them?
It’s hard to tell how anything will go anymore. (Yes, absolutely.)

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