Game Preview: Aztecs vs. Colorado State University Rams


What: Colorado State Rams at San Diego State Aztecs
When: Saturday, November 26 at 6 p.m.
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -11.5


That’s right, folks! The K30 Extreme Weather News Team is officially on STORM WATCH. Bring a slicker, maybe boots, perhaps some rubber pants and a Stadium Pal, because it’s probably going to get wet. You also might want to bring a boat, because you know how well Qualcomm Stadium handles weather.

Please do remember the most important part: there’s always a dipshit who confuses their vehicle with one that actually can traverse something other than asphalt and tries to drive through flooded areas in Mission Valley. Don’t be that dipshit.

Oh, and the Aztecs are hosting Colorado State.

Why should we be scared of them?

Last week, a San Diego team lost to a team wearing brown and gold uniforms. Also last week, the Padres released their most tedious uniforms yet. They are not brown and gold. My point has nothing to do with anything other than wanting to sneak in some griping about those terrible uniforms.

Speaking of teams with boring uniforms: Colorado State has a mediocre rushing defense, it’s going to be running weather, and the Aztecs backs are going to have a huge chip on their shoulders. Their rushing attack is good, but SDSU has one of the best rushing defenses in the country. Respect? Sure. Scared? Nah.

Do they have anyone worth watching?

Running backs! You know how the Aztecs might have 2,000-yard and 1,000-yard rushers this season? Well, CSU has a pair of 600-yard rushers and one on the doorstep of 500: Junior Dalyn Dawkins (698), Sophomore Izzy Matthews (601), and Freshman Marvin Kinsey Jr. (485). Each ran for over 100 yards last week vs. New Mexico.

Why should we hate them?

Just look at their aggressively boring logo. Offensively, obnoxiously boring. Like I said in the preseason, it looks like something you’d see on a pack of wool socks. I’ve always hated it. It irritates me on a visceral level. It’s like the logo of a managed health care plan.


Do they have any famous alumni we can make fun of?



*- technicality, as Val Venis was all set to attend Colorado State University, but the world of professional wrestling came calling. Instead of being a Ram, he portrayed a porn star/wrestler who eventually was horribly injured with a samurai sword.

Will we beat them?

Nothing is guaranteed in life. (Yes)

Author: Advisory Columnist

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