New Year’s Resolutions for the Mountain West

The New Year is upon it, and with it comes a renewed sense optimism for all – even members of the Mountain West Conference. Well, everyone except San Jose State.

Poor, sad, pathetic, idiot San Jose State.

But there’s hope for the rest of us! Here are the New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 from around the Mountain West.

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BREAKING: Group of Five officials might be dumb as hell

Welcome back from the holiday break! Did you get all the presents you asked for? No?

Well, just in case you’re bummed that you didn’t find a shiny new GARBAGE IDEA in your stocking, today’s college football rumor mill has you covered:


Oh my god.

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IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING NOTE: Since we at Kabeer Thirty have families and friends and pets (it’s true I swear!) there will be no posts in this space from now through the Christmas Holiday.

Unfortunately that means no coverage of men’s hoops’ three games in the Diamondhead Classic – a critical stretch that will determine if the Aztecs have no hope for an NCAA at-large bid, or if they really, really have no hope for an NCAA at-large bid. It should be interesting to see which it will be.

If you must know the outcomes of these contests, I recommend calling the Mighty 1090 every 10 minutes until someone picks up. Just keep at it, someone eventually will. Then demand to talk to your Uncle Teddy. Writing letters to Mark Zeigler is another option, though that may take longer.

Happy Hoetzel-days to you and yours!

Didn’t make the trip to Vegas? Here’s what you missed




Sorry, I just got home from Vegas three days ago and am still adjusting to normal life, where drinking while crossing the street is frowned upon and $25 is a measurable amount of money and basic human dignity exists.

But forget about the debauchery and the [NUMBER REDACTED] dollars I lost at video roulette. The Aztecs won a game! On national TV! Against a really good team! And set some insane records! What even is life as an Aztec fan right now?

Let’s start at the beginning.

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