MOUNTAIN WEST CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Preview: Aztecs at University of Wyoming Cowboys


What: San Diego State Aztecs at Wyoming Cowboys
When: Saturday, December 3 at 4:45 P.M.
Line: Aztecs -7


I mean, hooray! The Aztecs are playing in the Mountain West championship game! This is a good thing! Of course, the game is being played in Laramie instead of San Diego. This is a bad thing.

The reality is that San Diego State played a tough opponent in a tough environment two weeks ago, and walked out with a 1-point loss. Rocky Long decided to go for two and the win in regulation, where the extra point would have likely seen the game into overtime. You can argue back and forth on this decision, but it happened.

Another thing that happened is D.J. Pumphrey being held to 53 yards. Wyoming played their game, while the Aztecs  most certainly did not. And if home field was going to serve the Aztecs in any great capacity, one imagines it would have last week vs. Colorado State. A win instead of that shitshow puts the MWC Championship at Qualcomm Stadium, because Wyoming shit the bed in New Mexico.

That’s right, both of these teams are limping into the Mountain West Championship Game (presented by White Castle or Boraxo Soap, I would assume). After losing to New Mexico and Colorado State Savings & Loan respectively, both teams are set to battle for the right to (most likely) take on an a 5-7 opponent from the SEC/Sun Belt/Avocado League in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl.

Why should we be scared of them?

Because they beat us just two weeks ago! Laramie’s a pain in the ass! The Aztecs are clearly exhausted! They’re exhausted and playing in altitude! Rocky Long has turned into @nihilist_arbys while waxing poetic on bowl games! Exclamation marks!

Do they have anyone worth watching?

Here’s what I had for you last time: “Sophomore quarterback Josh Allen is your number 2 passer in the Mountain West in both yardage and rating. His favorite target, senior WR Tanner Gentry, has a penchant for the spectacular catch.objective, however, so we’ll hope for some fun football throwing and catching while the Aztecs are protecting a big lead.”

Anyway, we saw for ourselves how good Allen can be. And he did, indeed, hook up with Gentry. I also snubbed Brian Hill, who ran for over 100 yards and had two touchdowns. Allen was the player of the game, but the Aztecs’ somewhat surprising inability to stop Hill was arguably the back-breaker.

Why should we hate them?

Aztecs had an opportunity to put the all-time series vs. Wyoming at .500 two weeks ago in Laramie, and they failed. This is all Wyoming’s fault and you should hate them for it. Furthermore, that loss helped pave the way for this second trip to Laramie. This is all very upsetting.

Also, their coach thinks you’re a slacker.


Do they have any famous alumni we can make fun of?

Wyoming alum Jerry Buss looked like Rip Taylor, employed an admitted rapist, and generally ran a great franchise that I can’t stand. Damn it.


Will we beat them?

I always say yes in smarmy ways, with my tongue firmly planted in-cheek, but this time… hell yeah, we’re going to wipe the floor with them.

Author: Advisory Columnist

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