AZTECS ALUMNI REPORT: North County erects statue to an Aztec legend and it’s somehow not Tom Craft (?)

Your weekly roundup of SDSU alumni in the ranks of professional sports or wherever:

Tony Gwynn statue
The Tony Gwynn statue has arrived in Poway.

I have no joke for this; it’s just v. cool and good.

Draft buzz
We’ve been on hiatus (drunk on Trader Joe’s gin) of late, so we missed all the exciting draft news. As you know, the Aztecs had three players selected by, coincidentally, the three NFL teams most likely to take a shit on your windshield. Here’s a chance to read up on what their new hometown media outlets think of our Aztec draft class:

  • The Philly Inquirer makes an LOL D.J. PUMPHREY IS SHORT joke, but it’s fine because they seem to like him and consider him the second coming of Darren Sproles. They are required to be dicks even in praise because Philadelphia.
  • The Baltimore Sun has a nice feature on Nico Siragusa where they note he used to live on Baltimore Drive. I once performed Tom Petty’s “American Girl” at Norma Jean’s karaoke night on Baltimore, but I don’t see the Sun lining up to write about me.
  • The Falcoholic is calling Damontae Kazee Atlanta’s most anticipated rookie. Not too bad for a fifth rounder imo.

Kawhi playoff update
Kawhi Leonard‘s point totals in four games thus far in San Antonio’s series against the Rockets: 21 (L), 34 (W), 26 (W), 16 (L). HOT TAKE: The Spurs do good when Kawhi does good. Here’s a helpful visual aid to help you identify what it looks like when Kawhi does good.


Strasburg jacks huge dong
Would you like to see Stephen Strasburg mash a huge tater? You would, wouldn’t you.

It was his second career home run. On the mound, Stras now has a 2.66 ERA through 6 starts with the first place Nationals.

Other dong-related news
Addison Reed notched three straight scoreless late-inning appearances for the Mets in the past week. Let’s check in on how things are going in Queens.

I see. Well, I’m glad Addison is getting the most authentic Mets experience possible.

Maal to the Nets?
Apparently impressed by his dominance in China, the Brooklyn Nets are kicking the tires on Jamaal Franklin. Nets Daily has the scoop (net joke) to catch (net joke) you up.


Woke Carl Weathers tweet of the week

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

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