AZTECS ALUMNI REPORT: DJ Pumphrey is going to be in a thing called a ‘pony set’ which is somehow even sexier than it sounds


The Philadelphia Eagles have some big plans for Donnel Pumphrey. It seems the rookie is going to be utilized in something called a “pony set”.


/fans self

So this is an amazing name for a formation that sounds … pretty amazing, actually. Philly’s pony set would mean lining Pumphrey and Darren Sproles in the same backfield in some kind of Voltron/Honey I Shrunk The Kids mashup from hell. I hope the Eagles score a billion touchdowns and complete a 19-0 season doing this and nothing but this.

DJ is also returning punts and kicks and looking good, per CSN’s report. That seems equally notable, though it does not have a fun name like “pony set”.

Stephen Strasburg
Washington Nationals ace Strasburg struck out 15 Padres on Saturday, which is equivalent to striking out 11.36 batters on a non-tanking team. Still good! Stras has now won three straight starts, running his record to 6-1 with a 2.94 ERA.

But, bah, I sneer at these crude, obsolete numbers. Traditional stats like pitcher wins are for meathead jabronis and Nick Canepa-types who write furious letters to their congressman when they hear someone mention exit velocity. Instead, here’s an interesting article from Beyond the Box Score about how Strasburg is pitching well by pitching differently this season.

I … I’m not smart enough to understand most of it, to be honest.

Various St. Louis Rams
Sports Illustrated had a really nice retrospective last week on the high-flying 1999 St. Louis Rams team that terrorized opposing defenses. The piece points out that the aerial assault was partly inspired by Mike Martz watching Don Coryell’s Aztecs at San Diego Stadium as a wee lad in the 1960s (a local columnist will probably cite city records indicating that Martz only attended two-thirds of the games he said he did).

The Martz stuff is an interesting SDSU tidbit, no doubt, though I find it a bit curious that the story doesn’t also mention the obvious Aztec connections of Marshall Faulk and Az-Zahir Hakim. The 1999 Rams Super Bowl title basically counts as a San Diego State National Championship is what I’m driving at here.

Carl Weathers Woke Tweet of the Week
OK, so Carl has been letting his retweet button do most of the heavy lifting this week when it comes to progressive politics. Though might he have another film in the pipeline? Perhaps one with a fellow 80’s action star??

/fans self again

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

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