New stadium ‘negotiations’ underway and other Aztec football tidbits


The Mountain West Football Media Summit is underway in Las Vegas, but we’ll get to that in a moment. The most interesting SDSU football news of the day (OK, more like vague rumblings of the day) came out of San Diego.

One day after the SoccerCity folks unveiled the unfortunately-named #WaitForSD campaign — publicly pleading with MLS for an extension, as if their land deal is a book report on the Berlin Airlift — there was some SDSU-related movement on a couple of fronts.

First from the council:

Then from the mayor’s office:

Throw in a voice of support for these “negotiations” from a key councilmember, and you have a thing.

Yes, this appears to be a thing.

What isn’t yet known is the scope of the discussion, including whether the sides were negotiating on redevelopment, a lease extension or both. One would hope a lease extension through 2020, giving SDSU time to adjust to whatever happens with the November 2018 SoccerCity vote, will happen in short order. As I’ve said before, shuttering the Q after 2018 isn’t going to make those stadium debt payments go away.

But who knows. This is San Diego, so this talk might be nothing. Still, SDSU and the city hashing things out behind closed doors seems … good?

I’m going to go with good.

UPDATE: The U-T has a story fleshing out the key details of SDSU’s latest proposal.

Media summit news
If you missed the news out of the Mountain West Football Media Summit, I’ll sum it up for you quickly (honestly, nothing earth-shattering ever comes from these things).

  • The media (note that Kabeer Thirty was not given a vote because of a lamestream media conspiracy) picked the Aztecs to win the West division again. Unfortunately, they didn’t think any players on the SDSU defense were good enough for the all conference team. Was safety Parker Balwin cool with this? Spoiler: He was not cool with this.

  • Do you know who did get MWC media honors? Special Teams Player of the Year Rashaad Penny, who … won’t be playing much special teams, it turns out. It seems Rocky Long might not be keen on having his likely 250-plus-carry thoroughbred take a bunch of shots on kickoffs, too. Weird, right??

  • Speaking of Long, I’ll say this: I don’t necessarily want to be friends with the guy. I imagine our views about politics, culture and other important topics of the day are quite divergent. I don’t lift weights and I’ve never souped up a 1971 Plymouth Duster; We would have literally nothing to talk about. But … hot damn do I love him coaching my favorite college football team.


Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.

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