Get ready to watch some underclassmen from the comfort of your super chill cabana


We’ve been waiting in breathless anticipation to see what San Diego State is going to do this year to make the Concrete Tombstone feel like a real home, rather than a crumbling purgatory used to rightfully imprison the most pathetic owner in pro sports. We’ve talked about the possibilities before on the blog, but so far SDSU has been pretty mum on its intentions.

Even at least week’s scrimmage, the most notable change was what wasn’t there.

Today, we got some more clues. Bye bye end zone sections, hello … Premium Hospitality Cabanas?

Blockparty will have cabanas set up in the end zone at the southwest corner of San Diego Stadium. These premium hospitality areas feature a branded cabana with lounge furniture, HD televisions, and other high-end amenities while hosting fans near the action at field level.

Will these cabanas be Polysenian themed? Or maybe these will be Cabo-style cabanas, paying homage to the whole Mesoamerican thing we’ve got going on. Will a tower of skulls or the Old Oil Can be incorporated somehow? So many questions.

Fortunately SDSU’s new partner, Block Party Suites, has some examples of its past work on its site. Here’s their hospitality suites at the Heart of Dallas Bowl, which is a thing I just learned exists.


Picket fencing, piping, belly bars and mai tais. Sorry about your favorite seats Show kids, but some old corporate dudes wearing woodie-themed Hawaiian shirts are about to go HAM.

So anyway can we see some cool end zone designs or new banners now please? Throw us a bone here, SDSU.

Non-cabana football news
Over at the Aztec Sports Report, Ruben Meza has an interesting breakdown of Rocky Long’s new depth chart. What’s most interesting are the number of young players in key spots.

Redshirt freshmen wide receivers Tim Wilson and Isiah Macklin are listed with the first team, while true freshman safety Tariq Thompson is also put down as a starting safety

Look, I’ll be shocked if Mikah Holder is not at least a de facto starter come the UC Davis game. But could tall and athletic youngsters Wilson or Macklin — who caught two impressive TDs in the fanfest scrimmage — start over the more seasoned (and more awesomely named) Quest Truxton? Seems like a possibility now.

But just the fact that Long is at least kicking the tires on starting young guys over more established vets says quite a lot about the potential of up-and-comers. Be encouraged.

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.


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