SDSU Men’s hoops announces non-conference opponents, tip times and whatnot

In a huge relief for all interested parties, San Diego State men’s basketball today confirmed they will be playing intercollegiate games against a number of opposing teams (29 as of press time). We had a pretty good idea this would be the case, but in today’s topsy-turvy world it sure is nice to see the actual times, dates and opponents. Now bask in the reassuring comfort of a “fixture,” a slate of games, a schedule. Look at it!

via @Aztec_MBB

A few snap judgements based on this graphic alone:

November 2, 10, 30
San Diego State is magnanimous to continue playing UCSD, San Diego Christian and the University of San Diego. The Aztecs get very little in the arrangement aside from local good will, and there’s considerable downside risk if they were to, say, lose the City Championship to USD.

November 14
A win in Tempe over Bobby Hurley’s Sun Devils would be a nice mini-sweep of the football/hoops season series.

November 17
No idea who the “M” logo is on November 17. I’m guessing Mustangs. Let’s chalk this up as a W.

November 23, 24, 26
Also don’t know who the “S” is in the opening round game of the Wooden Legacy (I just looked; it’s Sacramento State). This is the successor tournament to the former Wooden Classic, won by the Aztecs over UCLA in its final iteration. SDSU would likely play Georgia in the semis and St. Mary’s in the final if they get that far.

December 3
I don’t know who Bradley is and am regarding this as a trap game.

December 9, December 21
SDSU finishes their non-conference slate with home games against Cal and Gonzaga. If the Aztecs have managed to either run the table or at least not put up an embarrassing loss to a lesser opponent to that point, those games can either lift SDSU into the national conversation or confirm the program has fallen from previous heights.

None of the games, including the conference schedule, are currently slated for broadcast on over-the-air TV networks or even big ESPN. This presents some issues for the ever-growing legions of cable non-subscribers among us.

Read the official release and Zeigler’s U-T writeup for more details. Zeigs writes that the Aztecs could still add a D-I opponent, and includes this tidbit:

Last year the Aztecs used their allotted two exhibition slots on games at Viejas Arena. This year they have returned to the option of one exhibition and one closed-door scrimmage against a Div. I school. In the past, the Aztecs have played Stanford and, in 2015, UCLA of the Pac-12.

I was not previously aware of that!


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