Game Preview: Aztecs at United States Air Force Academy Falcons


What: San Diego State Aztecs (22) vs. Air Force Falcons
When: Saturday, September 23, 16:00:00
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -3.5

In the…Air Force! You can…fly…the seven…skies…in the Air Force!(?)

Along with the Army and Naval academies, the Air Force Falcons answer the question that has gripped the nation since 2014, when @YoungCons made the world think for a moment – could The Troops dominate a football league, were they so inclined? Perhaps not, but they generally put together a pretty competent football team. And in the case of this year’s Falcons, they’re the conference game I was most concerned about in the preseason. And that was when I figured on a loss to Stanford, no “TRAP GAME” narrative, etc. etc.

I will be All Business today, because unlike Rocky Long…I don’t hate The Troops or America.

Why should we be scared of them?

Do you remember last week’s HISTORIC WIN VS. STANFORD!? (You do. Go watch the whole thing here, anyway!) Well, Air Force almost beat Michigan (ranked 7 last week, 8 this week) at the BIG HOUSE last week. Michigan’s lone offensive touchdown is the only offensive touchdown Air Force has surrendered this season. Which, to be fair, has been the game at Michigan and a home game vs. Virginia Military Institute.

Anyway, the point is that Air Force is no pushover. And the game requires traveling to Colorado Springs, which is bad enough before you even consider elevation. They have an offense, like San Diego state, that controls the clock. While the Aztecs lead FBS in time of possession at 37:21, Air Force is ranked 25th at 32:53.

While the teams don’t have as similar styles of play as the Aztecs and Stanford (a team San Diego State defeated last week in a “thriller”), we do have two teams with similar philosophies: grind down the opposing defense with long, clock-killing drives, and suffocating defense. This is not going to be a shootout, that’s for damn sure.

Do they have anyone worth watching?

Air Force runs the triple option, as they have your entire life (possibly a factual statement!). Junior QB Arion Worthman and senior RB Tim McVey have the keys to this car, and are Air Force’s best hope at beating San Diego State at their own game.

Senior LB Grant Ross is the only starter Air Force returned on defense in 2017. He and senior DL Santo Coppola were preseason 4th team All-Mountain West selections.

Why should we hate them?

We probably shouldn’t, right? Seems prudent to steer clear of this one.

Do they have any famous alumni we can make fun of?


Will we beat them?

Last week, I got the score right! Or, I missed it by 1 point. This means I’m practically a shaman, and I should start my own LOCK OF THE WEEK HOTLINE.

Yes, they will win because Rocky made the team listen to Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page” for the 6 hours immediately following the Stanford game. There is no trap, because the Stanford win never happened*. 13-10, Aztecs

We may very well see these guys again in December.

* – it happened. Go watch it again.

Author: Advisory Columnist

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