Alumni Report Special Edition: Baseball playoffs rooting guide

The MLB playoffs are here, which, let’s face it, has not been a thing of huge relevance in the city of San Diego for a decade or so. 😦

But this year is different!

This October you’ll be hearing as much about #AztecForLife basebros as you do about four hour erections. OK, almost as much. As such, I’ve compiled an SDSU fan rooting guide for the National League and American League Division Serieses (Serie?).

Whatever. Let’s get on with it.

American League

Boston Red Sox over the Houston Astros
Rooting for the Sawx in a matchup with a traditionally downtrodden team in a hurricane ravaged city feels so so wrong, but the presence of former Aztec closer Addison Reed (3rd round, 2010) in their bullpen forces the issue. Reed had a really nice season, spit between the Mets and Red Sox, compiling 19 saves, a 2.84 ERA and 2.4 bWAR.*

Were you aware Reed now had 125 career MLB saves? When did this happen?? We are all hella old and the best days of our lives are now behind us. Ahead of us is all darkness and heartache and colonoscopies. Anyway, Reed’s postseason track record ain’t the best, so let’s hope he can play hero this time.


/takes 2 ½ hour shower

Cleveland Indians over the New York Yankees
What the hell, not only do we have to root for freaking Boston, but a team that wears a racist cartoon on its caps and sleeves? Dammit, Greg Allen.

Allen (6th round, 2014) is a toolsy outfielder who came up late this season at age 24 and hit .229 with a homer in 39 plate appearances. Let’s watch that homer, shall we?

In something of a surprise given his lack of a track record, the Indians added Allen to their postseason roster. It seems the Tribe are betting on his raw talent to provide some vroooom off the bench.

So it turns out Greg Allen is kind of adorable! He’s going to have a walkoff steal of home in Game 5, bank on it. (Aside: why doesn’t Cleveland stick with this cool, non racist cap design?)

Also, Yankees megastar/inevitable Taco Bell pitch man Aaron Judge went to Fresno State meaning if Cleveland wins, Ye Olde Oil Can must be moved to center field at Tony Gwynn Stadium — at least until SDSU crushes Fresno in the homecoming game. Then it shall be moved back into the football offices where it will stay for the rest of eternity.

National League

Washington Nationals over the Chicago Cubs
Say, were you aware that Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg (1st round, 2009) once attended San Diego State University?? You … did?

OK, well one thing you might not be aware of is that Stras just had his best season as a professional. He went 15-4 with a 2.54 ERA, doubling his career best with 6.7 bWAR*. He also stroked a couple a big ole dongers. Behold his duel-threat, bearded excellence!

Stras made 10 starts in the second half of the season and posted a 0.86 ERA, which is a preposterously stupid stat. Let’s hope he has another full month of that in him.

Also screw the Cubs. Cubs fans are annoying and shouldn’t get to feel happy two seasons in a row.

Arizona Diamondbacks over the Los Angeles Dodgers
With the elimination of Buddy Black’s (17th round, 1979) Colorado Rockies (note: that’s baseball) there will be no SDSU connection in this postseason matchup … yet we will still pick a side. Under no circumstances does this blog ever encourage anyone to #FightForLA.


Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.


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