Game Preview: Boise State University Broncos at Aztecs

Artwork courtesy of Banksy.

What: Boise State Broncos vs. No. 19 San Diego State Aztecs
When: Saturday, Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m.
Line: Aztecs -7

Focus, focus, FOCUS!
It’s easy to look past this week’s opponent, with the Old Oil Can looming large next w-LOL, just kidding. Coming into the season, you likely had ASU, Stanford, Air Force, and Boise State pegged as San Diego State’s most foreboding opponents. So far, so good, so undefeated; just like you* expected!

While not the Boise State of old, the Boise State of present is still a good team. The Broncos are still widely considered to be the premier Group of Five program in the nation, a title San Diego State would love to take away. This one game won’t accomplish that, but winning head-to-head is a good way get the right kind of attention on the program. Boise State hasn’t won the Mountain West since 2014, which is incidentally the last time these two teams met (a 38-29 Broncos victory in Boise).

Why should we be scared of them?
They’re likely the one truly legitimate remaining threat to derail this run at an undefeated regular season (not that shit doesn’t happen…). This isn’t a “big game” for Boise in the same way it is to San Diego State, because their program’s been there before.  They’re good, experienced, and this game isn’t going to feel too big for them.

This is not to say the team itself is/should be scared, because those guys sound focused, motivated, and ready to “go hit somebody in the mouth.”

Do they have anyone worth watching?
Boise State has a stout front 7, which hasn’t allowed a 100 yards on the ground in any of their games this season. SAN DIEGAN David Moa is the standout amongst this group.

Junior quarterback Brett Rypien might not raise any alarms with how he’s struggled at times this season, but he’s been considered one of the best Group of Five quarterbacks in previous seasons.

Why should we hate them?
Is this where I place my blue turf take? Honestly, I don’t care. It’s college sports. Sometimes, you need to do things to stand out from the crowd, have an identity. We should hate them because we ain’t them, or whatever. It’s hard to get worked up about Boise State, other than wanting to kick in the teeth of a program you want to join in the upper-echelon of mid-majors … this sentence is depressing. FUUUUUUUCK.

Do they have any famous alumni we can make fun of?
Not that I can (reliably) identify? Among Boise State’s notable alumni, you will find Idaho politicians, regional directors of banks, a character actor and a Los Angeles police officer. Anybody worth making fun of? Nah.

I guess that in and of itself is worth making fun of?

I feel like I’ve failed you, the reader, after last week’s lovefest. I’ll try to bring it for the Old Oil Can next week.

Will we beat them?


Our Stone Cold Lock Of The Century Of The Week is: Aztecs 24, Broncos 20

* – you are a liar

Author: Advisory Columnist

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