Game Recap: Aztecs trample San Jose State underfoot

I bet you didn’t even know Nick Bawden used to be a quarterback until you heard about it on the broadcast. Crazy, right??

The night began with Rashaad Penny doing Rashaad Penny things. It continued with Juwan Washington running to daylight and Nick Bawden soaring into the end zone like a majestic, hella jacked eagle. It ended with Chase Jasmin, Tyler Wormhoudt and someone named Chad Woolsey (possibly a cop or an undercover reporter working on a story about dating mores in college) busting off big runs of their own.

I mean, my god. One wonders if offensive coordinator Jeff Horton considered getting John Baron or Antonio Rosales a couple of carries, just to see what the hell would happen*.

The San Diego State football team beat San Jose State 52-7 on Saturday night in San Jose, to finally take the all-time series lead in the vaunted El Camino Real Rivalry. And, honestly, the 52 points scored was one of the more underwhelming stats of the game.


  • The Aztecs rushed for six TDs and a school record 554 yards. To put that into perspective, that is two yards for every SJSU fan in attendance.

  • Penny gained 234 yards on only 20 carries (TD runs of 82 and 64 yards do wonders for your average), blowing past Stanford’s Bryce Love to head into the bye week as the nation’s leading rusher.

  • The Aztecs held the ball for 43 minutes and 19 seconds, longer than the duration of any of the Ramones’ 14 studio albums.

  • SDSU’s one TD through the air was a pass to a one-handed fullback, because passes to players with working appendages are for stupid weakling babies, apparently.

As you might have guessed from these numbers and shock-and-awe videos, San Jose State is … how you say … not good. In fact, as I mentioned on Twitter during the game, the Spartans might be the worst FBS team I have ever seen. I do not believe I was alone in this assessment.

But don’t let the Spartans putrid stench overwhelm the sweet smell of victory. The Aztecs offensive line, which was dinged up and shorthanded during the two game skid we shall never mention again, is finally healthy again and it sure looked like it. The SDSU defense snapped out of its turnover drought and has now given up 14 points total in the past eight quarters.

SDSU now figures to get even healthier as it heads into a bye week, with home games against MWC bottom feeders Nevada and New Mexico next on the slate. A 10-2 regular season now seems like a likelihood and — so long as Wyoming and Boise State can do us a solid and beat Fresno State — a rematch with Boise with the Mountain West title on the line is a very real possibility.

Indeed, a season that seemed lost a mere one week ago might just be redeemed.

This was a good night on the old El Camino Real, dammit.

*First downs would have happened.

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.


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