Attendance Truth: Black Friday heat wave edition

With the Chargers gone and Mission Valley up for grabs, it seems everybody is suddenly *keenly* interested in San Diego State’s football attendance. Trouble is, that number has always been kind of tough to pin down. The official count is a tickets-distributed figure, and that often doesn’t jibe with the butts in seats. THE HATERZ on the other hand have it on good authority that literally zero people have ever attended an Aztecs football game. We’re here to find the truth, people.

November 24, 2017: SDSU vs. New Mexico. The Black Friday Heat Wave Game. Read the recap.

Drawing cards

  • It was the last chance to see Rashaad Penny play in San Diego, barring any future NFL games moved here due to natural disasters elsewhere.
  • SDSU had a chance to win its 10th game of the year, which is important because Western Civilization uses a base-ten number system.
  • Who doesn’t love setting an alarm the day after Thanksgiving so you can tailgate on a sun-baked ocean of asphalt?

Mitigating factors

  • SDSU was knocked out of contention for the MWC title game last week, so other than shiny round numbers and the (realistic) hope of sneaking back into the final Top-25, the Aztecs really were kind of playing out the string.
  • I’d write something about New Mexico here but you’d fall asleep before I finished the sentence.
  • What the hell was with that weather? The Aztecs started and ended the season with two of the hottest, most uncomfortable games I have ever attended. Hooray for symmetry, I suppose.
  • Thanksgiving weekend means students are home in Nor Cal or Thousand Oaks or Fallbrook. Even the local ones probably partied with high school friends they don’t even really like anymore on Thursday night and were in no shape for that early wake-up call. I’m not sure I saw a single student at this game beyond the team and cheer squads. No shade, it’s understandable.
  • Also, there was no shade.

Announced attendance

Not to give too much away fro the rest of this post, but LOLOLOL.

Evidence: Exhibit A

I took these photos during the second quarter. Note: My phone is still utter crap.


Home sideline shade was popular.
You couldn’t have paid me to sit over there.
Cabanas seemed like the place to be tbh.


Thanksgiving weekend with the parents.

Evidence: Exhibit B

These photos were crowd-sourced from our loyal Twitter followers.

Rating the official attendance figure on a scale of one to five fudge elves, with one being accurate and five being fudged to the point of demanding a public records request.

That may have been 20,000. I’m probably still taking the under on that. Either way, it’s understandable. The holiday, the heat and the stupid CBS Sports Network start time conspired against a decent crowd. It was fine, considering.

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.


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