Game Recap: Come for the blowout of Colorado State, stay for the Larry Eustachy roast

A helpful visual aid for Larry.

Amid a lost San Diego State men’s basketball season spiraling into irrelevance, it’s nice that the Aztecs still possess enough talent to give us moments of pure happiness. That’s not nothing, folks!

Yes, SDSU’s record merely improved to .500 in conference with a win tonight over Colorado State. Yes, the thought of SDSU winning three games in three days (let alone four in four) in the Mountain West Tournament still seems like fantasy. Yes, Colorado State is among the MWC’s most putrid teams, at least in the non El Camino Rivalry division.

But you know what … screw all that.

Dwelling on three game losing streaks sucks. Wringing our hands about the Aztecs getting a first round bye in Vegas is not why we watch this stupid sport. We’re in it for nights like tonight, when your team drains a bunch of 3s and nearly drops a Benjamin on the most annoying coach in the conference.

Tonight was fun! Tonight was a good night.

The Aztecs thoroughly hammered the Rams, 97-78. After three straight games with blown late leads, the only drama in the waning minutes came as Nolan Narain and walk-on Michael Sohikish missed 3-point attempts that would have brought the Aztecs to the century mark in a conference game for the first time since … I dunno, the Michael Cage days?

At least by missing, they saved me the trouble of looking that up.

SDSU used a two-pronged strategy in this blowout which was 1) let Colorado State continue to be really bad and 2) splash 3s from all over the place. The Aztecs hit 13 in all, led by Max Montana whose five treys gave him a team-high 20 points in only 22 minutes off the bench. Matt Mitchell hit three 3s of his own and score 15 points.

Trey Kell scored 17 in his best game in a month, which was encouraging even before you consider that his lungs are basically filled with that green goop from “Double Dare.” Four other Aztecs scored in double-figures, as well, which is … (checks card) … a lot.

So yeah, it was fun but meaningless — almost certainly more an aberration than a blueprint for future success. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it.

Sometimes the internet is good
Speaking of things worth enjoying, picking on Larry Eustachy, Colorado State’s court-stalking, tantrum-throwing, sketchy-ass coach is always a good time.

In his recap a couple of weeks ago, lemonverbena said ole Lare’s outfit “fell somewhere on the spectrum between brewhouse waiter and tire store manager.” After Eustachy got T’d up during the first half for being a dingus, Aztecs Twitter helped us expand a little more on this theme.

This was probably the best non-Gonzaga moment of this entire stupid season.

You guys are the best.

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.


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