Frisco Bowl Recap: I’m not mad, I’m actually laughing

San Diego State football entered 2018 on the heels of one of the best stretches in program history, ripping off 32 wins in three seasons. The 2018 season just ended with probably the lowest ebb of the Rocky Long era — a rain-soaked 27-0 loss to Ohio University in the Frisco Bowl in which the suspension-depleted Aztecs didn’t look particularly interested to be there.

If only, friend. If only.

This loss was worse than illegal stemming in the 2011 New Orleans Bowl. It was worse than a blowout loss to BYU in the 2012 Poinsettia Bowl. Given the shutout and the fact that it closed out a season in which the team lost five of its last six games, it’s at least in the conversation for being worse than the 2013 season-opening loss to FCS Eastern Illinois.

At least that shitty game wasn’t on national TV.

If I sound extra salty, perhaps it’s because I hosted blog co-editor @kabeerthirty at my home to view this horror show. Like, I literally cleaned my toilet for this bullshit.

It ended up being a crappy watch from the start, as SDSU — missing suspended star defensive lineman Noble Hall — was unable to stop Frank Solich’s excruciatingly boring but methodically effective run-first offense (remember when the Aztecs had one of those?). Running back A.J. Oullette rushed for for 164 yards, mostly up the gut and after contact. Quarterback Nathan Rourke rushed for two TDs.

Meanwhile, on offense …

Let’s just move on, shall we?

As for things that went well? Heh, this is going to be a pretty short paragraph. Juwan Washington had a few nice runs and picked up 129 yards on the game, leaving him one yard shy of 1,000 on the season because of course it did. Senior Parker Baldwin had a fine interception back when it seemed like that was a thing that was going to matter. No one was visibly maimed. My toilet is now spotless.

Really, the only true positive is that if Rocky Long was contemplating shaking things up with his coaching staff and scheme on offense before this game, he’s definitely going to burn things to the ground now after this travesty.

Do it, Rock. You can borrow my matches.

Turning point
Probably that Lexington Thomas run in the UNLV loss back in November. It was all downhill from there, pretty much.

Broadcast news
The ESPN crew of former Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware and that kid who used to sit behind you in third period trigonometry did an admirable job of trying to keep the game interesting and pretending the Aztecs had a chance to come back. They didn’t succeed in convincing anyone of that, but I salute them for their valiant effort nonetheless.

Best Some of Aztecs Twitter

What’s next for the Football ‘Tecs
A long offseason of soul searching following a season that started 6-1 and finished 7-6.

But possibly not long enough. I mean, my god.

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.


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