Aztecs overcome dirty play and dubious officiating to beat Northern Illinois, remain undefeated

That was painful.

Emotionally painful, for those of us who only watched, but scary painful when a chickenshit Northern Illinois linebacker jammed fingers into Rashaad Penny’s eyes while he was pinned beneath a defender.

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AZTECS WIN!!! There was an actual blackout, then we won! Fans rushed the field!!

This is an instant recap, much more on this HUGE SIGNATURE WIN coming…

Beloved brutalist public works structure to receive new moniker

By now you’ve surely heard the news. It’s the twilight of a humble, minimalist, all-too-brief era. The last official days of STADIUM draw near. Yes sports fans, the former Qualcomm Stadium will soon be SDCCU Stadium, or informally, San Diego County Credit Union Stadium.

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SDSU Men’s hoops announces non-conference opponents, tip times and whatnot

In a huge relief for all interested parties, San Diego State men’s basketball today confirmed they will be playing intercollegiate games against a number of opposing teams (29 as of press time). We had a pretty good idea this would be the case, but in today’s topsy-turvy world it sure is nice to see the actual times, dates and opponents. Now bask in the reassuring comfort of a “fixture,” a slate of games, a schedule. Look at it!

via @Aztec_MBB

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GAME RECAP: Ho-hum, Aztecs get crucial Pac-12 win

That was extremely cool.

I think most of us expected a win in Tempe. Our paradigm in this new golden age of San Diego State football, with seven straight bowl appearances and back-to-back conference titles in the trophy case, is that we view a road game against Arizona State as a Should Win. Even though SDSU had:

  • Never beaten the Sun Devils in 11 games dating back to 1934, and
  • Had lost 28 straight road games against Pac opponents.

We’ll come back to that road futility streak. Most importantly, let’s talk about Rashaad Penny.

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Heat-related opening week Mountain West roundup

What could be more San Diego than a blazing September afternoon at STADIUM with 46,132 sweaty friends! I ask you. Those thousands of hardy souls braved great expanses of sizzling asphalt for the SDSU football season opener on the hottest day of the year. Some other indeterminate number of fans watched on…line. Other than the Aztecs game, probably not many of us saw much if any other Mountain West action because why on earth would you do such a thing? Our conference is bad! But we need to keep tabs on these chumps so let’s take a cursory glance at scores from around the league.
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Little Dutcher boy sticks finger in recruiting dike, becomes Dutcher Man

When our Most Revered Coaching Savior Stephen Louis Fisher retired in April after a wildly successful 18-year tenure as San Diego State head basketball coach, longtime Assistant Coach/Head Coach in Waiting Brian Dutcher finally elevated to the big chair he had waited so patiently for. Upon his long-foreshadowed ascension, one big question hung over the mesa like a cloud of bro-stank from a Pennywise mosh pit:

The question appears to have been affirmatively answered: HELLS YEAH BRAH!! Jump in the Zeigsmobile…

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Hey Reb! Your new logo is trash

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas updated their “spirit mark” i.e. athletics logo. It’s bad! UNLV tweeted it out yesterday and were met with immediate dogpiling and cyberbullying.

hahahahha WHAT

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