Lazy Mountain West Roundup

It’s not worth reading in any depth, breadth or width about other teams in our conference. AND YET. After the first full weekend of games and in the interest of competitive awareness, let’s take just a cursory glance at scores from around the league:

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KGB Sky Show: Buyer Beware

The KGB Sky Show is a huge display of fireworks that’s been blowed up in San Diego since 1976. Classic rock radio station KGB describes it thus:

The Sky Show is a fireworks display, synchronized to a music soundtrack, broadcast on the radio. An artform invented by KGB and now practiced worldwide.

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How I learned to stop worrying and expect disaster: a love story

Most of us can quickly recall the first time we were killed by the Aztecs.

Not a literal past life memory of death dealt by sacrificial warriors of the pre-colonial Aztec Empire. I refer to spiritual death at the hands of old alma mater, the student-athlete Aztecs of San Diego State. The moment one of those teams cracked open your chest, extracted your heart and fed it to a stone idol. You remember.

Mine came on a November day in 1991.

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