SDSU unveils watercolors, price tag for proposed football stadium

Yesterday’s rollout of the proposed San Diego State Mission Valley Campus was only day one of Capital One Renderings Week!

Today it was Aztec Athletics’ turn to show off the design of the SDSU football stadium, and they were definitely not screwing around. The university put together a big to-do down on the field at SDCCU Stadium with huge printed renderings, a video presentation on a screen that was probably only a few inches smaller than the SDCCU jumbotron and athletic director J.D. Wicker striding around the stage in a black fleece like he was introducing a new smart phone with no headphone jack.

Take it away, J.D.!

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Tom Ables, 1926-2017

The 2016 Las Vegas Bowl was an emotional game to watch as an Aztecs fan. It was a coronation of sorts — a convincing bowl victory against a hyped opponent — but it was more than that. It was also the day when Donnel Pumphrey broke the NCAA rushing mark. In the wake of the record breaking run, the ABC cameras captured a shot of D.J., on the bench, sharing a moment with super fan Tom Ables*.

*This shot is at 1:34:50 in this video if you’re in the mood for a cry.


Sitting on Lemonverbena’s couch that afternoon, I damn near lost it.

Just as I nearly have several times tonight, reading the obits and tributes marking the passing of Tom Ables at age 91.

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The most anticipated SDSU football games of 2017, ranked

Not to distract from the Mission Valley Greyscale outbreak happening up on Montezuma Mesa at the moment, but assuming our entire roster isn’t quarantined for the next four months, the San Diego State football team does have a season of football to play.

A pretty important one at that!

Now, cliche coach speak platitudes will tell you that the most important game of the year is the next one on the schedule. And that’s a good message to keep 20-year-old players focused without looking too far ahead. But I’m not a coach. (For good reason. “No one expects a fake punt on 3rd down!”) So I get to look ahead as much as I want.

Here are the OFFICIAL POWER RANKINGS of the SDSU’s most anticipated/exciting/important games of 2017:

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Welcome to the most important SDSU football season of our lifetimes. No pressure, fellas!

San Diego State opens fall camp today, and the stakes have truly never been higher.

Hey! Stop making that wanking motion, this is a family blog*!

OK, I’ll admit it. I rolled my eyes a little while writing that opening sentence, so I won’t blame if you if you did the same while reading it. In fact, I feel like I’ve written something approaching that level of hyperbole every single August that I’ve blogged about this team.

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We don’t want to talk about this, but we should probably talk about this

If you’re a fan of the San Diego State Aztecs, you probably don’t want to read this post.

As a fan of the San Diego State Aztecs, I don’t look forward to writing this post.

But after watching the first two games of the World Series in Cleveland – all against the wrenching backdrop of news coverage of indigenous people taking part in protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline – the mascot issue is staring us in the face right now.

(takes deep breath)

I’ll proceed with caution here, I promise.

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