SDSU West, coming to a ballot near you

No word on the fate of the previously proposed San Diego Riverdong. Photo courtesy , senior riverdong correspondent.

Wheels are officially in motion for San Diego State to try to wrest Mission Valley from the evil grip of the global communist conspiracy soccer, hella condos and bougie mixology bars, probably. Today the proxy group created to do the university’s political bidding on this issue stated its intent to start gathering signatures to get SDSU West on the ballot.

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What would constitute a good crowd for Saturday’s game?

Photo credit: Wife.

Through two home games this season, the San Diego State football team is averaging more than 44,000 fans per game (you SDSU attendance deniers can view the sexy butts-in-seats evidence here and here). That’s really good — the type of average attendance that would not be out of place among Power Five conference schools in areas that have professional teams, culture and indoor plumbing.

Of course, those two games were also the hottest tickets on the SDSU schedule: The annual KGB SkyShow and Stanford, the best Power Five school to play at SDSU in more than a decade. As the Aztecs now sit undefeated at No. 19 in the nation, but with a less than glamorous opponent coming in, this weekend will provide a truer test of what kind of college football town San Diego can really be.

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Beloved brutalist public works structure to receive new moniker

By now you’ve surely heard the news. It’s the twilight of a humble, minimalist, all-too-brief era. The last official days of STADIUM draw near. Yes sports fans, the former Qualcomm Stadium will soon be SDCCU Stadium, or informally, San Diego County Credit Union Stadium.

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Wait, is SDSU actually considering renovating, rather than replacing, STADIUM?

Meet the new STADIUM; same as the old STADIUM?

The Union-Tribune’s Logan Jenkins had an interesting column today after spending Saturday rubbing elbows with SDSU brass at Saturday’s football game. Jenkins has generally resided on the SDSU side of the Battle for Mission Valley, so his supportive tone for the university and Aztecs here should not surprise.

If there was any hard news in the piece, it was President Sally Roush indicating SDSU will unveil a plan next year that will be “significantly” different than the SoccerCity initiative. So you can probably delete any of that fanfic you’re writing where SDSU and FS Investors reunite and reconcile like Ayra and Sansa at Winterfell. (I had Papa Doug as Littlefinger in mine.)

But it was a throwaway line from Jenkins at the end of the column that caught my eye:

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Attendance Truth: Season opener vs UC Davis 🎇 Sky Show 🎆 edition

With the Chargers gone and Mission Valley up for grabs, it seems everybody is suddenly *keenly* interested in San Diego State’s football attendance. Trouble is, that number has always been kind of tough to pin down. The official count is a tickets-distributed figure, and that often doesn’t jibe with the butts in seats. THE HATERZ on the other hand have it on good authority that literally zero people have ever attended an Aztecs football game. We’re here to find the truth, people.

September 2, 2017: SDSU vs. UC Davis, season opener, KGB SkyShow. Read the recap.

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Get ready to watch some underclassmen from the comfort of your super chill cabana


We’ve been waiting in breathless anticipation to see what San Diego State is going to do this year to make the Concrete Tombstone feel like a real home, rather than a crumbling purgatory used to rightfully imprison the most pathetic owner in pro sports. We’ve talked about the possibilities before on the blog, but so far SDSU has been pretty mum on its intentions.

Even at least week’s scrimmage, the most notable change was what wasn’t there.

Today, we got some more clues. Bye bye end zone sections, hello … Premium Hospitality Cabanas?

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Welcome to the most important SDSU football season of our lifetimes. No pressure, fellas!

San Diego State opens fall camp today, and the stakes have truly never been higher.

Hey! Stop making that wanking motion, this is a family blog*!

OK, I’ll admit it. I rolled my eyes a little while writing that opening sentence, so I won’t blame if you if you did the same while reading it. In fact, I feel like I’ve written something approaching that level of hyperbole every single August that I’ve blogged about this team.

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New stadium ‘negotiations’ underway and other Aztec football tidbits


The Mountain West Football Media Summit is underway in Las Vegas, but we’ll get to that in a moment. The most interesting SDSU football news of the day (OK, more like vague rumblings of the day) came out of San Diego.

One day after the SoccerCity folks unveiled the unfortunately-named #WaitForSD campaign — publicly pleading with MLS for an extension, as if their land deal is a book report on the Berlin Airlift — there was some SDSU-related movement on a couple of fronts.

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