Aztecs football drops 2017 hype video

The new San Diego State football hype vid went live today. It’s a 30 second spot with a season ticket sell at the end, an event of minor significance to be sure. What may prove more indelible: this image of Christian Chapman dropping back to pass from the shorebreak at what looks like Scripps pier.

Chapman visualizes a pass rush of frolicking coeds

One city. One football team, future home field TBD. Get hype.


No, Aztecs football is not going to be homeless


Brutalist public works structure in a verdant floodplain

My Twitter follows tend of fall into two categories: political commentators (lord help me) and San Diego State Aztecs-related accounts. Lately – amazingly – it has been the latter group that has been the source of the most breathless panic and bed wetting. A sampling:

Panic on the streets of College Area

Can we stop this now?

I think we can stop this now.

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SDSU pulls out of SoccerCity peace negotiations, war over Mission Valley looms



It was nearly two months ago that I predicted on this here blog that San Diego State’s anti-SoccerCity insurgency was in its death throes. I assumed that the decision to have Mayor Kevin Faulconer intervene to try to get something – anything – out of the deal for SDSU was merely the first step in the university’s capitulation.

That prediction, uh, hasn’t aged so well.


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SDSU names Sally Roush interim president, all past sins banished and forgotten

Pretty big news from the mesa today; or should we say, from Long Beach about the mesa:

California State University (CSU) Chancellor Timothy P. White has appointed Sally Roush as interim president of San Diego State University (SDSU). Roush will begin in her position on July 1, 2017, and serve in that capacity until a new president, selected by the CSU Board of Trustees, arrives in early summer 2018.

Wow! Boom. There she is, the first woman president, interim or otherwise, in the 120 years of San Diego State being a college-university educating place. This is significant not just for the historic first the hire represents. For our degraded sportsball interests, the hope is this hire can provide stability and credibility as the school tries to gain a foothold in its losing struggle for Mission Valley. Continue reading “SDSU names Sally Roush interim president, all past sins banished and forgotten”

AZTECS ALUMNI REPORT: The Golden State Warriors are history’s greatest monsters

The Golden State Warriors want me dead. They tried to kill me through mind-numblingly inept and boring basketball when I was teenager in the Bay Area in the 1990s. Fortunately, I managed to survive those bleak years of Donyell Marshall and Todd Fuller by developing a lifelong apathy toward the NBA.

Naturally, now that I’ve been shaken from my apathy by a San Diego State alumnus achieving superstar status, the Warriors are coming for my ass again.

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AZTECS ALUMNI REPORT: North County erects statue to an Aztec legend and it’s somehow not Tom Craft (?)

Your weekly roundup of SDSU alumni in the ranks of professional sports or wherever:

Tony Gwynn statue
The Tony Gwynn statue has arrived in Poway.

I have no joke for this; it’s just v. cool and good.

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Zylan Cheatham to transfer

More like Zylan Leave-um, amirite?

Hey, happy Good Friday everyone! Let’s check in with Aztecs Twitter on this solemn holiday to see if anything’s goin’ on.


Oh sweet Jesus.

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The best wins of the Fisher Era, ranked

Fisher 4

Steve Fisher won 386 games as head coach at San Diego State University. That’s a lot of wins! So many, in fact, that it would be a fool’s errand to attempt to pick only 10 that stand out among the rest.

On the other hand, this is a blog on the internet. So, uh, I made a list.


Anyway, here are the 10 best victories of the Steve Fisher Era. Know that if you disagree with anything here it is because you are dumb and bad and don’t appreciate Steve Fisher at the same level I do.

Anyway, the list:

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