The Pumphrey years at SDSU: A retrospective in tweet form


52 months ago, Donnel Pumphrey pulled out his DROID RAZR MAXX and composed the following message.

Zero people favorited this tweet at the time. Feel free to go back and like it now, though. I’ll wait.

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Aztecs hammer Alabama State meaning everything is fine now or something

The San Diego State men’s basketball team trounced Alabama State 73-41 on Monday night at Viejas Arena before a crowd of …

Before an announced crowd of 12,414.

The three game losing streak is no more. The many problems with the Aztecs … almost certainly remain.

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Aztecs lose third straight, the fans, all hope, their car keys probably


San Diego State’s two marquee sports programs were both on the floor at Viejas Arena on Saturday afternoon. The Aztecs football team, fresh off a gut-check victory in the Mountain West title game, was there to take a victory lap and soak up deserved applause at halftime. The Aztecs men’s basketball team, fresh off road losses to Loyola Chicago and Grand Canyon, was there to get run by a trash Pac-12 team amid a chorus of boos.

At this point, I can think of only one thing the two squads have in common: Both teams will play their next meaningful game in Las Vegas.

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Rocky Long live the king


Did you know there are people who sincerely believe the earth is flat? It’s true! There are living, breathing, functional human beings who are convinced that our planet is not spherical.

There are also people who think vaccinations turn children gay and that Del Taco is better than Taco Bell. Even more absurd than all of those maniacs are the people who think SDSU football would be better off without Rocky Long.

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Aztecs lose to fake university, may not be particularly good

Here’s all you really need to know about this San Diego State men’s basketball loss:

Having read Zeigler’s preview, and after last year’s loss to GCU, and last week’s Loyola loss, I didn’t have much faith or emotional investment in the Aztecs pulling this one out. I’d had the following exchange with blog overlord AKH earlier in the day while negotiating who would take this recap:


Truth is I didn’t know this game started at 6pm. I got home, discovered it was already 15 minutes in, was starving, so I listened and kind of half-watched as I made dinner. The broadcast was on Channel 4 San Diego, which I wasn’t sure still was a thing. Aztecs and Padres games used to be on 4SD, and the play-by-play guy sounded enough like Ted Leitner that I thought it was Ted Leitner, and I wondered why Uncle Teddy was emoting so much when the “Lopes” hit a three. When I was able to sit and watch for a few minutes I realized it was the home-produced Grand Canyon broadcast.

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The best wins of the Rocky Long Era; an Adam Dingwell appreciation tournament (FINALS)

Adam Dingwell started just seven games at quarterback in his San Diego State career. That’s fewer starts than Ryan Katz, Jack Hawley or Riley Smithson, a quarterback I literally just made up. Yet I think it says something that the Texan played a starring role in the two wins you the fans have determined to be the best of the Rocky Long Era.

So let’s all note that, while his career did not exactly have a storybook finish, Dingwell had himself some moments, he did. He beat Boise State on their stupid Mountain Berry Blast flavored field – a win you determined to be bigger than the Cal win. He also engineered an epic comeback/interview against Nevada (seriously watch the clip) – a win you determined to be better than both MWC Championship Games.

I guess you could say he … ding quite well for himself?

Oh, god I’m so sorry.

Check the results of the previous two rounds here and here. The final round starts … now.

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The best wins of the Rocky Long Era; a vitally important elimination tournament (ROUND 2)


We are on the the Final Four Five in our elimination tournament of best wins of the Rocky Long era. Countless dozens of votes (OK, four dozen) flooded in during the first round, giving us a higher turnout than most A.S. elections. We ended up with three blowouts and a tie! Check out the results here.

As a result of the deadlock, we will now have a three-way cage match between Scared Money Don’t Make No Money and the 2015 and 2016 MWC Championship Games.

In the other semifinal, you most now decide what’s cooler: beating Boise on The Blue or beating Cal at the Q?

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They couldn’t even let us have this

We now go live to the announcement of the 2016 Heisman Trophy finalists!


Here’s the thing.

I think we had all resigned ourselves by now to the fact that D.J. Pumphrey was not going to win the Heisman Trophy. Despite the monster numbers, the assault on the all-time rushing mark and the bigass banner hanging on the west end of campus, #Pumphrey4Heisman was always a bit of a Potemkin village. We all saw what happened to Marshall.

But I think we held out hope that D.J. could at least make it to New York – to get a free chicken dinner, a memory to last a lifetime and a nice photo op for both him and San Diego State University.

Wellllll, guess what? The Lords of College Football couldn’t even let us have that.

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