Pumphrey keeps Aztecs from melting into puddle of lukewarm custard in DeKalb

You can fall asleep with a 28-point lead and let a beaten opponent start to believe.

You can rack up all the dumbass penalties in the world, from popping guys five yards out of bounds to pulling facemasks on key stops to killing drives with offensive PIs.

You can make a Mid-American Conference backup quarterback look like an All-American starter by giving up big plays and key conversions through the air.

You can do all these things and still win on the road – so long as you have D.J. Pumphrey on your football squadron. Hell, you can even cover the spread.

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Game preview: Aztecs at Northern Illinois

What: San Diego State Aztecs at Northern Illinois Huskies
When: Saturday, September 17 at 12:30 PM
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -10.5

Ah, Huskies, we meet again.
The Aztecs are hitting the road for the first time this season, traveling to DeKalb, Illinois to face the Northern Illinois Huskies. The Aztecs and Huskies have four prior meetings under their belts, but none more recent than 1971. That was a 30-10 win by the Aztecs, who are undefeated in the series and look to stay that way.

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Now that we’ve sobered up, should we be afraid of letdown game DOOM?

In the giddy wake of the Cal* game, I’ve been thinking a lot about the kids that packed the student section at the Q on Saturday. And not in a creepy way!

I really wonder what their perception of Aztecs football is. None of them have ever experienced a season that didn’t end in a bowl berth. A berth in a pre-Christmas trash bowl game, sure, but a bowl berth. The freshmen in the crowd? They now think every game is either a fireworks bonanza or a thrilling Power Five epic.

Let’s just say that’s not a mindset I relate to, exactly.

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Beating Cal: Fan’s-eye view of a crazy night at the Q

The Aztecs beat Cal. It’s been three days and I still can’t say those words without the biggest smile creeping up on my face.

I’ve been to a lot of SDSU football games over the years, but this one was different. In our prediction post I talked about how this game was, to me, both the most exciting and terrifying of the Aztecs’ 2016 slate. Well, it definitely lived up to both of those. I couldn’t wait to watch the Aztecs redeem themselves and avenge the 2015 loss to the Bears. And being in the stadium that night was an experience I won’t soon forget.

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AZTECS BEAT CAL! Road to Destiny Paved with Bricks of Sunshine


THEY DID IT. San Diego State won a spellbinding, historic, classic Aztecs thriller over Cal that did NOT end in classic Aztecs tragedy. What was achieved:

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Even Lazier Mountain West Roundup

Hey pals, anything interesting going on in your lives? Nothing? That’s great. While patiently waiting for our recap of the Aztecs-Cal thriller, let’s take a few minutes to check out what happened around the mighty Mountain West this week:

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Game preview: Aztecs vs. California

What: California Golden Bears at San Diego State Aztecs
When: Saturday, September 10 at 7:30 PM
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -7

So we’re playing Cal again. Awesome. Is this a rivalry?

Not exactly, but the schools do have a history. After Saturday’s game the Aztecs will have played Cal in six of the past 13 years. The Goldie Bears own a 4-3 lead in the series with the home team winning every game. Cal waxed SDSU last year at Berkeley 35-7 behind future first overall pick Jared Goff’s 300-plus and 3 TDs.
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Q&A: Talking Aztecs-Cal and more with California Golden Blogs

As Aztecs fans, I think we’re all feeling pretty confident about Saturday’s game against Cal (hyperventilates into paper bag). But how are our frenemies at the University of California at Berkeley feeling about this? For answers we turned to Nick Kranz and Berkelium97 from California Golden Blogs to get their take on the game, SDSU’s chances of Pac-12 membership (SPOILER: NOT GOOD) and who has better burritos.

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