Aztecs lose to Loyola (Chicago), at-large hopes at risk (totally fucked)

Well, that certainly wasn’t an ominous start to a stressful day of San Diego State athletics, no-siree. Hang on for a quick sec …


Ah, that’s better.

I would be more apoplectic about the Aztecs men’s basketball team’s 65-59 loss to Loyola Chicago today if I didn’t see it coming like a CTA bus belching black smoke up Michigan Avenue. This game had trap written all over it, with an early start time and a speedy, guard oriented – and pretty good – opponent. This was going to be a hard fought win at best and a resume-slaughtering albatross of a loss at worst.

So I guess we got the latter! How fun.

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MOUNTAIN WEST CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Preview: Aztecs at University of Wyoming Cowboys


What: San Diego State Aztecs at Wyoming Cowboys
When: Saturday, December 3 at 4:45 P.M.
Line: Aztecs -7


I mean, hooray! The Aztecs are playing in the Mountain West championship game! This is a good thing! Of course, the game is being played in Laramie instead of San Diego. This is a bad thing.

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The Mountain West must do whatever it takes to keep its champion from a bowl matchup with a losing team (UPDATED)


Craig Thompson is kind of an easy target for lazy, pot-shot-loving bloggers like me. As Mountain West commissioner, he’s given us lots of ammunition; from the sad TV deal to the evisceration of the conference via expansion (and back-filling with San Jose State) to the fact that two Mountain West teams faced each other in a bowl game streamed online last year.

All that said, he probably gets a bad rap overall. Thompson can only play the hand he’s been dealt and, for the last several years of his tenure, that hand has included two Garbage Pail Kids and a Starbucks gift card with $1.75 left on it.

However there is something brewing that, if it comes to pass, we should all rightfully roast him for.

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Aztecs drop 100, very possibly are who we thought they were


Think back to when the men’s basketball schedule was released. Obviously it was the names like Gonzaga, Cal and ASU that caught your attention first. But when you finally thought about the schedule-filler games on the SDSU slate – games like USD, San Diego Christian and Savannah State – how did they play out in your mind’s eye?

Probably nothing like the way the USD and SD Christian games actually transpired, i.e. a nonexistent Aztecs bench and no offensive threats outside of the three top starters. With every early foul called on Zylan Cheatham or Dakarai Allen causing you to bite your nails down to the quick.

Well, if the Cal win last week officially turned the page on the injury-marred start, tonight seemed like continuation of a new, more exciting chapter.

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Aztecs, our fragile sense of dignity get destroyed on senior night

What the hell am I supposed to say about this, honestly? I’m tempted to emulate the infamous Pitchfork Jet review for this game recap, but this is a family blog dammit.

I guess I’ll just let the highlight reel from SDSU’s senior night football game against Colorado State speak for itself.

Huh, well that’s not the right video, either. Whatever, it’s not like you want to see clips of a 63-31 loss anyway. My advice is to stop reading this now and we can both spend the next hour watching Travis videos. Deal?

Still here, huh?

Sigh. Fine, if you must read on …

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Game Preview: Aztecs vs. Colorado State University Rams


What: Colorado State Rams at San Diego State Aztecs
When: Saturday, November 26 at 6 p.m.
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -11.5


That’s right, folks! The K30 Extreme Weather News Team is officially on STORM WATCH. Bring a slicker, maybe boots, perhaps some rubber pants and a Stadium Pal, because it’s probably going to get wet. You also might want to bring a boat, because you know how well Qualcomm Stadium handles weather.

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Aztecs beat Cal Bears, referees, reestablish ownership of California


“A game we needed desperately.” – Steve Fisher in postgame radio interview.

San Diego State men’s basketball is a marquee program that missed the NCAA tournament last season. Bad losses to Arkansas-Little Rock, Grand Canyon and the windblown debacle at Petco put early black marks on that team’s résumé. They won the Mountain West regular season title but lost to Fresno in the conference tournament final. The NCAA selection committee, in their infinite wisdom, decided the MWC was a one-bid conference and SDSU was relegated to the NIT.

Beating Cal at the new NBA arena in downtown Sacramento was an important step in avoiding such a fate this season. Writers back East won’t have waited up for a game that tipped after 8 p.m. Pacific, but they’ll see the 77-65 scoreline over a decent Pac-12 team. For those of us who did watch it, in their first run at full strength, these Aztecs look pretty dang good.

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Aztecs lose to Wyoming but at least we get a two-point conversion call to argue about ad nauseam for eternity

Not that you care about how I ruined my Saturday afternoon, but I watched the Aztecs-Wyoming game with lemonverbena at his home in picturesque South Park, San Diego. I mention this seemingly-irrelevant “behind the blogging” factoid because I think we had the two possible rational reactions to what shall henceforth for referred to as The Unfortunate Incident at Jonah Field.

In the wake of the Aztecs’ 34-33 aspiration-crushing loss to the Wyoming Cowboys, we have decided to EMBRACE DEBATE. Because agonizing over a heartbreaking defeat is FUN.

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