Aztecs win bigly against worst team they’ve played in nearly a week

Seeing as we’ve become a fanbase of insufferable, entitled greed pigs, there has been some hand-wringing of late about how we haven’t been beating inferior Mountain West competition by nearly enough.

Happy now, jackals?

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Game Preview: Aztecs vs. San José State

What: San José State Spartans @ San Diego State Aztecs
When: Friday, October 21 at 7:30 p.m.
Line: Aztecs -23.5

If you stopped reading after a 300 quote, I don’t blame you. Rest assured that this is just as ham-fisted an idea as anything else I’ve had, and I simply looked it up. It’s bad, but not that “wow, this guy actually enjoys and is quoting 300” level of bad. Kind of like San José State football! *thumbs up*

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Cold-seat Rocky Long owes no apologies for dominating the Mountain West

On Saturday morning, still buzzing from the glory of the Aztecs’ victory over Fresno State, I sat and drank a beermosa from a vintage oil can. Not the vintage Oil Can, mind you, just one I found at the dump and hastily rinsed out with warm water. Totally sanitary.

It felt good, and it should have dammit. Fresno State is a bad school for bad people and they do not deserve to possess even the most contrived, rusted-ass piece of scrap metal.

Anyway, amid my exultation, I decided to do what any red-blooded sports fan would do: Troll the local sports columnist over a bad take he had more than a year ago. It’s the American way!

The local columnist’s response was appropriately snippy, considering I was being an ass by mocking his “Fire Rocky” take from early 2015. But the more I thought about the underlying point of his retort (other than the implied “FUCK YOU ANONYMOUS BLOGGER BOY” which, again, is fair), the more I kind of take issue with it.

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Lily-livered Mountain West Roundup

Another week, another bunch of inconsequential yet marginally meaningful football results from the cowardly lions of the Little Conference That Couldn’t. Hit it:

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Lies, damn lies and the NCAA all-time* rushing list

Donnel Pumphrey is awesome. He might–MIGHT–even be the best running back in San Diego State history, depending on how you want to quantify best. That’s obviously a major statement and one to be hotly debated.

But as D.J. continues rolling up yardage, adding to his school record and rising into the top 10 of the all-time NCAA rushing list, there’s suddenly a weird discrepancy and a bunch of asterisks lurking in the numbers.

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Pumphrey, defense lead to retention of modestly-priced vintage petroleum receptacle

There reaches a point when you witness excellence long enough that you become numb to it. From the perspective of a seasoned D.J. Pumphrey watcher like me, tonight didn’t really feel like the kind of dazzling performance we’ll be recounting years from now. There were no 75-yard touchdown sprints down the sideline or 50-yard bursts up the gut. In fact, his biggest gainer was a mere 22 yards.

Then you look at the stats and see Pumphrey went for 220 yards and two scores. It’s then that you can realize what spoiled twits we are to not be in total awe.

I mean:

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Game Preview: Aztecs vs. California State University-Fresno

What: San Diego State Aztecs @ Fresno State Bulldogs
When: Friday, October 14 at 7 p.m.
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -16.5

Strap in, it’s THE OLD OIL CAN WEEK…but we probably didn’t need to tell you about the long-standing rivalry between San Diego State and California State University-Fresno. It’s not like they just bought an oil can on eBay for $35 and made a trophy out of it. Oh, they did?

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IT’S HATE WEEK (or whatever)

San Diego State has a rivalry problem.

The problem is that the Aztecs don’t have a real rival.

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