Lies, damn lies and the NCAA all-time* rushing list

Donnel Pumphrey is awesome. He might–MIGHT–even be the best running back in San Diego State history, depending on how you want to quantify best. That’s obviously a major statement and one to be hotly debated.

But as D.J. continues rolling up yardage, adding to his school record and rising into the top 10 of the all-time NCAA rushing list, there’s suddenly a weird discrepancy and a bunch of asterisks lurking in the numbers.

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Pumphrey, defense lead to retention of modestly-priced vintage petroleum receptacle

There reaches a point when you witness excellence long enough that you become numb to it. From the perspective of a seasoned D.J. Pumphrey watcher like me, tonight didn’t really feel like the kind of dazzling performance we’ll be recounting years from now. There were no 75-yard touchdown sprints down the sideline or 50-yard bursts up the gut. In fact, his biggest gainer was a mere 22 yards.

Then you look at the stats and see Pumphrey went for 220 yards and two scores. It’s then that you can realize what spoiled twits we are to not be in total awe.

I mean:

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Game Preview: Aztecs vs. California State University-Fresno

What: San Diego State Aztecs @ Fresno State Bulldogs
When: Friday, October 14 at 7 p.m.
TV: CBS Sports Network
Line: Aztecs -16.5

Strap in, it’s THE OLD OIL CAN WEEK…but we probably didn’t need to tell you about the long-standing rivalry between San Diego State and California State University-Fresno. It’s not like they just bought an oil can on eBay for $35 and made a trophy out of it. Oh, they did?

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IT’S HATE WEEK (or whatever)

San Diego State has a rivalry problem.

The problem is that the Aztecs don’t have a real rival.

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Lay Mountain West Roundup

After an inexcusable post-loss hiatus we are back with the low intensity recap of Mountain West football scores for laypersons. Now even lazier, what with these dumb teams playing against one another! Onward with the intra-conference sporting results:

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Aztecs look like the Aztecs, beat UNLV

For one night at least, we can breathe easier. In a 26-7 victory over UNLV on Saturday night at Qualcomm, the Aztecs signaled that whatever ailed them over the previous six-plus quarters of garbage football wasn’t necessarily a permanent state. Or, at the very least, it wasn’t so bad that it would prevent them from drilling MWC West patsies with ease.

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Game Preview: Aztecs vs. UNLV


What: UNLV Rebels @ San Diego State Aztecs
When: Saturday, October 8 at 7:30 PM
Line: Aztecs -16

Mountain West, we’re comin’ for ya
It’s SDSU Family Weekend at Qualcomm Stadium. The Aztecs are coming off their first loss of the season, a heartbreaker against South Alabama that crushed any hopes of an undefeated season and New Year’s Six appearance. But this week they’ve got a great opportunity to rebound and get back on track as they open up conference play against one of their biggest rivals.

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Why can’t we have nice things?

If you read this blog regularly, you know I’m a positive fella who likes finding the good in everything. So before we dig into SDSU’s 42-24 loss at South Alabama – a nobody Sun Belt team that is now officially our daddy – let’s look for silver linings! Hey, I just thought of a few:

  • It only gets easier from here as there are no invincible Sun Belt titans left on the schedule.
  • We can officially stop giving a crap about how Cal or Houston or Western Michigan do.
  • SDSU probably wasn’t going to a New Year’s Six bowl no matter what.
  • I like listening to The Smiths in the dark, and I’m now inspired to do so.
  • That No. 19 ranking made us look like conceited braggarts.
  • Last time the Aztecs were ranked, it lasted only one week before they lost to a garbage team. Thanks to a bye, this year’s ranking lasted three calendar weeks!
  • The Big 12 wasn’t watching anyway.
  • You’ll have plenty of space to toss around the old pigskin in the Qualcomm parking lot on Saturday. Lotsa elbow room, yessir.
  • Grim death stalks us all, and looms closer than you think.

SEE! It really wasn’t so bad! Oh god no

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