Game Preview: Aztecs vs. University of California, Davis Aggies

An Aggie is a … horse?

What: University of California, Davis Aggies at San Diego State Aztecs
When: Saturday, September 2, 5:30 p.m.
TV: Facebook (seriously)
Line: N/A (Aztecs -A LOT)

I’m so hungry, I could eat at Arby’s
Football is back. Hooray! Who cares who the opponent is, right? This is your requisite cupcake to start out the season. Meals start with an appetizer, where football seasons start with dessert. Except dessert is usually rich, sweet, enticing and not this. Perhaps we should start calling these games “putting on your pants before going out” or “where the fuck did I leave my belt?” These are terrible ideas, I realize. We’re STARVING.

What is great is that San Diego State is estimating a crowd of around 50,000 for tomorrow’s game, which feels oddly great to say after the last few months of football-related drama in San Diego. Assuming the game goes as expected, it should be a cathartic experience.

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