Another Q&A with One Bronco Nation Under God

I post this because I’m not as nice as they are.

The Boise State sports blog One Bronco Nation Under God is the absolute worst. I’ve long wanted to hate Boise fans with the kind of spiteful passion we once reserved for BYU fans. But OBNUG’s team of affable and good-humored bloggers and commenters have led me to conclude that a non-insignificant portion of the Broncos fanbase is actually … kind of OK?

As thoughtful people do, OBNUGgie Russ Wood reached out this week to do another Q&A exchange and blog bet where the winner get’s a free post on the loser’s blog. So, uh, you might want to check this space next week to see what Russ cooks up. In the meantime, he kindly answered our most pressing Boise State questions.

They’re really very friendly, these Boise people.

I’m so annoyed.

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