So you wasted your Wednesday night


Here are a few things you could have been watching at 8 p.m. on Wednesday night instead of the San Diego State men’s basketball team’s 63-55 home loss to Fresno State.

ABC: The Goldbergs
“So Swayze It’s Crazy”

After Adam sees his friend on television, he asks Beverly for her help to become an actor, so Beverly enlists his friend’s mom Edie, who is a kid talent agent in town. Unfortunately, Edie insists Adam can only get “nerd” roles, so Beverly goes on a quest to make Adam a teenage heartthrob. Meanwhile, Barry decides to embrace the punk lifestyle, and Murray attempts to become more involved in Erica’s life, but it backfires.

This definitely does not seem like a television show that traffics in cheap stereotypes, no sir. Let’s see, what else?

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Aztecs lose Pope, fill their airsick bags with semi-digested 3 point attempts at Air Force


What follows is a list of things that went poorly in San Diego State’s 60-57 loss at Air Force on Tuesday night:

  • Malik Pope broke again and may be out for a spell.
  • SDSU blew a 14-point lead and lost a game it trailed for, like, two minutes.
  • The team the Aztecs lost to is real bad, even when adjusting for Mountain West.
  • The Aztecs keep shooting 3s like that is a thing they can do (note: they cannot).
  • SDSU fell to 0-5 in close games this season, which … man.
  • Jeremy Hemsley and Trey Kell and Zylan Cheatham, generally.

Now, in the interest of providing alternative facts, here are some things that went well tonight:

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You were wrong when you said everything’s gonna be all right


The Aztecs men’s basketball team took a trip to Taco Bell on Saturday night and it went about as well as you might expect. It started out pretty tasty, but ended up with us all doubled over in pain and weeping on the toilet.

Look, I know. I’m sorry.

I should really feel worse about going with the hackneyed LOL TACO BELL ARENA joke as my lede, but I just don’t. Sure it’s lazy and cheap and unimaginative, but did this game – does this team – really deserve any more effort than that?

Also I’ve consumed several beers.

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Lazy Mountain West Roundup

It’s not worth reading in any depth, breadth or width about other teams in our conference. AND YET. After the first full weekend of games and in the interest of competitive awareness, let’s take just a cursory glance at scores from around the league:

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