Hemsley, Kell, Cheatham, Allen and some guy from sociology class beat imaginary local foe


If the University of San Diego is our little sister, that makes San Diego Christian … what? Our totally-not-fake Canadian girlfriend?

That kind of works, actually. Let’s go with it.

Well, consider this the perfect time to conjure up our Canadian sweetheart. After the hobbled-as-hell Aztecs men’s hoops team was dumped on its ass by Gonzaga on Monday night, turning the page by playing an imaginary basketball team from an imaginary college was just what the love doctor ordered.

No, really, guys! I’ve got a hot date with the San Diego Christian Hawks tonight! That is a totally real team that definitely exists!

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Gonzaga punishes SDSU in uncompetitive basketball game


The San Diego State men’s basketball team, limping into this season in a physical sense, flew to Spokane and got their collective ass handed to them in a metaphorical sense by 14th-ranked Gonzaga, 69-48. The Zags are talented and deep. SDSU is injured and thin. It showed.

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Aztecs shorthanded, Toreros backhanded


Remember that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as you watched the Aztecs men’s basketball team brick shot after shot at Petco Park last year? Or when they let Grand Canyon hang around just a liiiiiiittle too long? You felt it again tonight, didn’t you?

I’ll admit that I did.

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