From Tempe with Love

As confidently predicted by yours truly several times, the Aztecs cruised to a comfortable victory against technically Power Five Arizona State in Tempe this weekend. It really happened. I was there. Here’s a crappy video I recorded to prove it:

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K30 staff predictions for the 2017 Aztecs football season

The Three-Eyed Raven, noted seer of mid-major college football

Last year, in our first ever Kabeer Thirty staff season predictions, we got a little … overly exuberant. We had New Years Six and even PLAYOFF predictions for the 2016 football Aztecs (I had us in the Poinsettia Bowl, for the record, because I am a dick).

Well, we’re a year wiser and a little bit more measured in our enthusiasm. But that is not to say we are unenthusiastic!

Here are our lukewarm expert staff picks for the 2017 San Diego State football season.

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Aztecs survive scary trap game by killing Utah State to death

All the elements of a classic trap game were in place. A road game. An opponent that was probably better than its record showed. Elevation (4,534′). A driving rainstorm. A lethargic start and an early deficit.

Admit it, you where worried about this game when Utah State scored on its first drive. Hell I was worried about this game when I woke up this morning.

My imaginary friend Admiral Ackbar Gbaja-Biamila

Yet here we are hours later, basking in the most complete display of San Diego State dominance since … what … last year’s Hawaii Bowl? The Aztecs hammered Utah State 40-13 on Friday night, and they did so despite the hostile crowd of grizzled survivalists in the stands. Despite the elevation (4,534′). Despite the fact that the game was being played in a damn pineapple under the sea.

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Aztecs look like the Aztecs, beat UNLV

For one night at least, we can breathe easier. In a 26-7 victory over UNLV on Saturday night at Qualcomm, the Aztecs signaled that whatever ailed them over the previous six-plus quarters of garbage football wasn’t necessarily a permanent state. Or, at the very least, it wasn’t so bad that it would prevent them from drilling MWC West patsies with ease.

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