AZTECS ALUMNI REPORT: Stras is an All Star, Reed might be a Nat, Bubba waits in the wings

HEY NOW, YOU’RE … (sigh) … Look, you know the rest, I’m not even going to finish typing this.

These truly are the dog days of summer for the Alumni Report. Hoops is over, NFL camps haven’t yet begun and our #AztecForLife mayor hasn’t even been publicly humiliated in weeks! What is there to talk about?

Fortunately, we have our trusty SDSU basebros to carry us through.

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AZTECS ALUMNI REPORT: DJ Gay gets a new gig and the NBA’s third-best team is garbage without Kawhi

Taking a break from lifting entire cars over his head and breaking Batman’s spine, fan-favorite point guard of the 2011 Sweet 16 team DJ Gay has been named head basketball coach at Chula Vista’s Victory Christian Academy.

As a women’s studies major at SDSU who played professionally in Europe, Coach Gay will be a great mentor for these young men in both their basketball careers and growth as members of society. He may or may not also force feed them Creatine shakes and spend an unreasonable amount of time on deadlifts. He’s a large man, is what I’m getting at.

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AZTECS ALUMNI REPORT: The Golden State Warriors are history’s greatest monsters

The Golden State Warriors want me dead. They tried to kill me through mind-numblingly inept and boring basketball when I was teenager in the Bay Area in the 1990s. Fortunately, I managed to survive those bleak years of Donyell Marshall and Todd Fuller by developing a lifelong apathy toward the NBA.

Naturally, now that I’ve been shaken from my apathy by a San Diego State alumnus achieving superstar status, the Warriors are coming for my ass again.

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Unincorporated Clark County, baby

Remember when you were a kid, and Christmas was the greatest, most exciting, happy event you could imagine? My favorite movie, A Christmas Story, summed it up perfectly:

“But no matter. Christmas was on its way. Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas, upon which the entire kid year revolved.”

Nothing else mattered. Whatever else was going on in the world, inside or outside your home, was moot. Christmas was coming and everything was wonderful.

As a 28-year-old, Christmas isn’t quite what it used to be. But now I have Las Vegas. Specifically, my annual trip to the Mountain West men’s basketball tournament is the week upon which the entire year revolves.

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Other pictures of people in hats that will offend and disgust you

Last night, Aztecs Twitter had a near meltdown and it had nothing to do with the embarrassing hoops loss to Fresno State. Nope, it seems Donnel Pumphrey wore a ballcap to the basketball game.

Prepare to clutch your pearls.

[embedded tweet removed at request of the author. – ed.]

Some people got really mad about this! Mad enough to furiously @ him to the point where THE NEXT DAY Pumphrey still felt the need to defend  himself on Instagram. Seriously, people, what are we doing here?

My take is that D.J. is an SDSU legend and he can wear whatever gosh darn hat he wishes. He owes us no apologies or explanations and we should like it or lump it and, either way, keep our opinions to ourselves. And the guy writing the post you’re reading? He’s a Giants fan* who thinks that hat is pure trash woven by demons in the depths of hell.

Anyway, to take some heat off of Pumphrey, I’ve decided to present some photos of SDSU and SDSU-related people wearing hats that will make you EVEN MADDER! Here goes.

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Who is responsible for SDSU’s winning chemistry? It me

I started as a freshman at San Diego State in 2006.

Growing up two hours north, the extent of my familiarity with San Diego State sports was: “Hey, that’s where Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila went!” At that time in my life I was a Packers fan who really didn’t care about anything other than NFL or NBA, so I’m not only pandering to the editorial staff that was kind enough to welcome me here.

But I was excited to immerse myself in college sports.

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