Aztecs vanquish New Hampshire in dominant shutout that taught us basically nothing

Think back to all the Aztecs season openers against FCS opponents that you can recall. Did you learn anything from those games? In Cal Poly I and II we learned some shit. Same from the Eastern Illinois debacle in 2013. The other ones, though? Do you even remember anything about them?

Yeah, not really. And as I type this, sitting in my living room five minutes after returning from SDSU’s 31-0 win over New Hampshire, I’m not sure I remember much about this one either. Which is fine! The less that is remembered about games like this, the better.

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KGB Sky Show: Buyer Beware

The KGB Sky Show is a huge display of fireworks that’s been blowed up in San Diego since 1976. Classic rock radio station KGB describes it thus:

The Sky Show is a fireworks display, synchronized to a music soundtrack, broadcast on the radio. An artform invented by KGB and now practiced worldwide.

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Game preview: Aztecs vs. New Hampshire

Wait, who are we playing?

The New Hampshire … uh … (toggles over to Google) … Wildcats. The University of New Hampshire Wildcats from the Colonial Athletic Association. This is the first game of the season for both teams. It’s also the KGB SkyShow, making this the last game of the season for about half the fans in attendance. Say, did you know that New Hampshire is where Massholes and Mainers go to buy fireworks legally? That’s an interesting coincidence, right? Fireworks are fun go boom!  Continue reading “Game preview: Aztecs vs. New Hampshire”

Kindly eat shit, (Opponent)

Aztecs football season starts this week, and it’s time to start working ourselves up! It’s easier when you hate your opponent, right? We here at Kabeer Thirty love nothing more than to give a quick (figurative) kick to the junk followed by a tearful sprint in the opposite direction, but there’s a lot of hatred in this world. How about we try a different approach this season? Let’s systematically kill them with kindness!

A benevolent breakdown of SDSU’s 2016 foes:

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