K30 staff predictions for the 2018 Aztecs football season


You’ve argued about the media day poll. You’ve studied all of Bill Connelly’s meticulous team previews, including the ones for schools you weren’t even aware even had D-I programs. You’ve even sifted past the survivalist and low rider periodicals at CVS to find copies of those obsolete preseason magazines that go to press far too early to be relevant.

But have you been edified by the predictions of four random guys you sort of know from SDSU Twitter? You have not.


The Kabeer Thirty staff predictions are here. Before you peruse these, take a look at our stupid predictions for the 2017 season. This should give you an idea of how much credence to give what’s on the other side of the jump. Hint: NOT AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF CREDENCE.

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Q&A: Talking Aztecs-Cal and more with California Golden Blogs

As Aztecs fans, I think we’re all feeling pretty confident about Saturday’s game against Cal (hyperventilates into paper bag). But how are our frenemies at the University of California at Berkeley feeling about this? For answers we turned to Nick Kranz and Berkelium97 from California Golden Blogs to get their take on the game, SDSU’s chances of Pac-12 membership (SPOILER: NOT GOOD) and who has better burritos.

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