Predicting the 2016-17 SDSU men’s hoops season


We, the staff of Kabeer Thirty, are a diverse bunch. Only four out of five of us are white dudes, which I believe makes us the most diverse college sports blog on the history of the internet. Politically, we range from centrist/moderate/whatever to lemonverbena, who always tries to slip me copies of “The Daily Worker” whenever we meet up at Qualcomm. Our musical tastes range from Weezer to Blink 182 to Nirvana to OK maybe we’re not that diverse.

Actually, our preseason predictions for the Aztecs kinda aren’t that diverse either, ranging all the way from the depths of a 24-win regular season to the height of a 28-win mountaintop. In sum: We all think they’ll be pretty good, you guys!

It’s only in how you define that where you get a little disagreement.

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