Meet Malachi Flynn, SDSU’s newest splashy hoops commit

Remember Malachi Flynn? You probably used to know him as that evil jerkface who ruined your Sunday night a few months back. Last November, Flynn tormented San Diego State by absolutely balling out in the final of the Wooden Legacy Tournament, scoring 24 points to secure a Washington State win and the tournament MVP. Classic evil jerkface move tbh.

So, uh, it seems we may need to reconsider any snap opinions we formed that night. Today, Malachi Flynn is a gentleman, a scholar and an Aztec.

Following in the transfer footsteps of Xavier Thames, the sharpshooting guard committed to SDSU where he’ll have two seasons of eligibility remaining. With Devin Watson and Jeremy Hemsley both seniors, 2019-20 will almost certainly be the Malachi Flynn show on Montezuma Mesa.

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Little Dutcher boy sticks finger in recruiting dike, becomes Dutcher Man

When our Most Revered Coaching Savior Stephen Louis Fisher retired in April after a wildly successful 18-year tenure as San Diego State head basketball coach, longtime Assistant Coach/Head Coach in Waiting Brian Dutcher finally elevated to the big chair he had waited so patiently for. Upon his long-foreshadowed ascension, one big question hung over the mesa like a cloud of bro-stank from a Pennywise mosh pit:

The question appears to have been affirmatively answered: HELLS YEAH BRAH!! Jump in the Zeigsmobile…

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Q&A: AztecSportsReport’s Ruben Meza on why this SDSU recruiting class might just rival Boise State’s

Please do not tailgate this man while driving on the freeway, thank you.

I could write my own lengthy, in-depth article on San Diego State football recruiting, honest! My insights into recruiting in general and the Class of 2018 in particular include, but are not limited to, the following facts:

  • SDSU is hot on the trail of top tier talent
  • Children are our future
  • Several of these recruits were born after the Baha Men released the smash hit “Who Let the Dogs Out?”
  • My god I’m getting old
  • Recruiting is the *true* Game of Thrones

    But on the unlikely chance you wanted to know even more about Aztecs recruiting, I went ahead and tracked down Ruben Meza from Ruben publishes the AztecSportsReport, which you should definitely subscribe to. Before you do, enjoy this Q&A on how SDSU’s class is shaping up and the factors leading to this early success – as well as an update on Ruben’s car troubles.

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