How to improve SDSU football’s snoozer of a promo schedule

San Diego State football doesn’t often use fan giveaways as a marketing tool. I have a replica Kirk Morrison jersey somewhere and think I got a hat once or twice. If anything, it’s usually some garbage like a poster, magnet or key fob.

So it comes as no surprise that this year’s promotional schedule continues the tradition. There’s not a single thing listed as a giveaway, just a bunch of military appreciation nights, teacher recognition awards and whatnot. We would like to think that with some creativity, passion and a bit more cash, Aztec football’s promotional events could actually be a draw.

Here’s the 2018 promo schedule as it is, and maybe how it could be.

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K30 staff predictions for the 2017 Aztecs football season

The Three-Eyed Raven, noted seer of mid-major college football

Last year, in our first ever Kabeer Thirty staff season predictions, we got a little … overly exuberant. We had New Years Six and even PLAYOFF predictions for the 2016 football Aztecs (I had us in the Poinsettia Bowl, for the record, because I am a dick).

Well, we’re a year wiser and a little bit more measured in our enthusiasm. But that is not to say we are unenthusiastic!

Here are our lukewarm expert staff picks for the 2017 San Diego State football season.

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Some over/under action for the upcoming football season


I pride myself in knowing our readership. As such, I can say one thing for certain: Y’all a bunch of degenerate gamblers. Well, in the spirit of giving the unwashed masses what they want, I’ve set over/unders related to individual and team performances for the 2017 football squad.

If you would like to place actual wagers on these, please meet me in the alley behind the South Campus Plaza Trader Joe’s on Friday at 4 p.m. No cops.

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Hawai’i Five Five-Oh


San Diego State’s tear through the Mountain West Conference over the past two seasons has been well-documented. The winning streak is up to 17. The point differential in five games this season is plus-154.

And Saturday evening, before a homecoming crowd of more than 41,000, the Aztecs might have achieved their most impressive and thorough torching of the MWC dumpster. Facing Hawai’i, a team widely considered the least bad of the absolutely putrid West Division, SDSU won 55-0 and clinched at least a tie for the division title.

Fifty-five to nothing.

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AZTECS BEAT CAL! Road to Destiny Paved with Bricks of Sunshine


THEY DID IT. San Diego State won a spellbinding, historic, classic Aztecs thriller over Cal that did NOT end in classic Aztecs tragedy. What was achieved:

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