BREAKING: Selfish AD Jim Sterk steps all over the rollout of amazing new SDSU sports blog smh

Well, this is some well-timed #breakingnews.

Is this true? This guy has only five times as many Twitter followers as I do, so I suppose there’s a chance that it isn’t. But it would be a pretty random fake scoop to pull from the ether, so let’s assume that it is.

How fucked are we? Reasonably, is my guess. I don’t know Jim Sterk and I have no insider information on the inner workings of the Fowler Athletic Center, but I do know Jim Sterk’s reputation. It’s, uh, good.

March 3, 2016

SAN DIEGO – San Diego State Director of Athletics Jim Sterk has been named a 2015-16 Under Armour AD of the Year honor by the National Association of Collegiate Director of Athletics (NACDA). The award will be presented on June 15 at the annual convention in Dallas.

“On behalf of the entire university, I want to express how extraordinarily proud we are of Jim Sterk’s accomplishments,” San Diego State University President Elliot Hirshman said. “Jim’s integrity and his focus on supporting our student-athletes represent the best of inter-collegiate athletics.”

The ADOY Award highlights the efforts of athletics directors at all levels for their commitment and positive contributions to student-athletes, campuses and their surrounding communities.

Sterk has overseen an era of largely scandal-free success and stability on Montezuma Mesa. Football program is a winner under a coach committed to the program. Men’s basketball program has continued its momentum, both on the court and at the box office, and a line of succession is in place. The Olympic sports are (clicks around for two minutes) good as well?

And from an outside perspective, Sterk has played the stadium situation perfectly, unshackling SDSU from the Chargers’ fate with eyes on making the Qualcomm site SDSU West. The one blemish some might point to – the Big East/West fiasco – wasn’t a bad idea, it just didn’t work out. At least he was willing to take the leap.

Now let’s compare Sterks’ tenure to his three predecessors:

  • Resigned amid a stupid equipment room scandal
  • Bolted after a year
  • Resigned amid a steamy sexytimes scandal

Sigh. Farewell, Jim. You will be missed.

Well, not by Aztec Mesa. Those guys hated you lol.

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Selfish AD Jim Sterk steps all over the rollout of amazing new SDSU sports blog smh”

  1. Is it too soon to blame you guys for this development? C’mon – you announce your re-awakening and *BAM* Sterk beats feet to Mizzou! Probably a knee-jerk reaction on his part to avoid having to deal with another top-notch media source covering the Aztecs, right? I mean, what other reasonable explanation could there be (aside from money, more money and/or sh’loads of cash)??

    Oh yeah – glad to have you back. Aztec-dom is just the way you left it. Shiny, hopeful and ready to get smacked in the face by reality.

    1. Dearest LB: It is NOT too early for aspersion to be cast our way. Some may call our blog-launch and the Sterk news (sources! reports!) coming on the same morning a coincidence, and fancy linguistical types would say that blaming one on the other is a ‘correlation fallacy.’ Never mind the bollocks: it was fated to happen this way.

      Thanks for the warm welcome back to the Aztecsphere, where reality lurks around every corner to smack you in face.


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