Decision Day 2018: Measure E rejected, Measure G on pace to pass

SoccerCity is dead. Long live SDSU West.

As of 1:00 AM Wednesday, Measure E – SoccerCity is going down by a huge margin while Measure G – SDSU West is above the 50 percent threshold by more than five percent.

San Diego Registrar of Voters

SoccerCity has been wiped off the map and SDSU West is poised to win. It would take an inconceivable reversal for No votes to make up ground and push Measure G below 50 percent.

Neither of these results is surprising to anyone who paid even a little attention, and that’s kind of reassuring. Seeing the Measure E campaign light cash on fire while pretending it had a chance in hell was a bizarre spectacle. Once Padres owner Peter Seidler abandoned them as an investor back in August, SoccerCity was dead in the water.

In the end, we all owe the hedge fund dudes a debt of gratitude. They made a backroom deal with people who didn’t hold the power they needed. They slow-rolled a university president who had his foot out the door. Their botched overture forced SDSU to finally develop a coherent plan for itself in Mission Valley. And SoccerCity’s zombie corpse of a campaign made SDSU West look brilliant by comparison.

So hail and farewell! to the Stone not-brothers, brothers in arms for eternity. To Chris Cate for passing confidential legal opinions to SoccerCity. To Scott Sherman for being the one person in town who kept running face-first into a wall for these guys. To all the Reply Guys who so pointedly and so frequently replied. And of course, raise a glass to the tireless Citizen Lando as he returns to semi-private life.

Cheers to you, fellas. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Author: lemonverbena

Californian/Washingtonian, co-editor of Kabeer Thirty.


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