Game Recap: OK, this is getting sad


Seriously, what the hell happened to this program, man?

Remember when the San Diego men’s basketball team would lose a game — even a tough road game against a good team like this — and it would ruin your night? That was, like, four weeks ago. Right now, the only thing resembling sadness I feel is because I have to spend the next hour of my Saturday evening writing about that dumb game rather than drinking myself into a stupor in front of my Netflix.

SDSU finished dropping its 83-58 turd in Reno not 10 minutes ago, and I already don’t care. I didn’t even really care as it was happening. The only time I felt a twinge of agony was during the in-game interview with Steve Fisher, which was frankly an unwelcome reminder of what we’ve lost*.

This season has become such a colossal shitshow, the Aztecs have become … a mid-major college basketball program with whom I live a lie. 

Sigh. I suppose I have to delve into this, seeing as I help run a blog about this team or whatever.

Say, did you know SDSU was actually tied at halftime tonight before being blown out 48-23 in the second half? If that sounds familiar to you, it should. This marks the third time this season SDSU has either had a lead or tie at the half of a road game, only to lose by 13 or more points. The Aztecs also fell to 1-6 in Mountain West Conference road games, with the only win coming against Lord of the Flies State University.

I’m not sure exactly what this all says about Brian Dutcher’s head coaching acumen but, well … it’s certainly nothing good!

No. 23 Nevada, for its part, looked the part of the conference heavyweight. The Wolf Pack harassed the Aztecs on defense and dominated the paint, forcing them to jack up 30 3s (SDSU shot just 34 percent inside the arc).

Nevada shot 46 percent for the game, which seems low because I’m pretty sure the Wolf Pack did not miss a shot in the second half. Prove to me they missed a shot. They did not, stat sheets are fake news. You are fake news.

Nevada’s Jordan Caroline scored 26 points and pulled down 11 rebounds while getting that insidious Neil Diamond song stuck in my head. He is a monster.

Three Aztecs scored in double figures, but I really don’t feel like naming any names. We’re way past silver linings. This season sucks and I want to get off.

*basically everything

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.


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