Where do we go from here?

That’s the wrong way.

So your favorite college football team just shot itself in the junk with a t-shirt cannon.

San Diego State’s 23-17 loss to a very good Utah State team on Saturday sure as hell wasn’t ideal. I DID NOT GLEAN A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF ENJOYMENT FROM IT, TRUTH BE TOLD. But the game did clarify a few things about where our beloved squad stands and what the season looks like moving forward.

A few thoughts:

The Dark Side is indeed back, but possibly not in a good way
You hear the comparison a lot. Anytime the Aztecs have a reasonably stout defense, people start drawing comparisons to the 2003 squad that featured NFL linebackers Kirk Morrison and Matt McCoy. This year it might be apt! So far, Kyahva Tezino and company have blanked Weber State, allowed 14 points each to two teams that combined to score 119 points yesterday and limited anointed future-NFL QB Jordan Love and USU’s Football on MDMA offense to a total of three scoring drives. 

Let’s just hope the comparison isn’t too apt. The 2003 Aztecs completely squandered the Dark Side, scoring fewer than 20 points seven times en route to a 6-6 season, with two wins coming against FCS teams. This was SDSU’s best record between 1999-2009. Holy moly, sometimes I find it amazing we have any fans at all.

Please don’t waste this, is what I’m saying. On that note …

The offense will improve. Probably. Maybe?
One would think Ryan Agnew will become more comfortable in the pocket, and stop running around like a toddler freebasing pixie sticks after making exactly one (1) read. One would think the running game — which has shown at least a little life the past two weeks — will open things up a bit once Juwan Washington returns with a healthy ankle and the offensive line gels a bit. One would think offensive coordinator Jeff Horton might start mixing in first down passes and downfield shots and … j/k lololol okay probably not this one.

The Tecs are now playing for Nov. 15
San Diego State is almost certainly not going to the Cotton Bowl, but I don’t imagine anyone was actually banking on that. There’s still a very realistic path to a fun finish to the season providing the offense can attain even modest cromulence.

Looking ahead, the Aztecs have a much-needed bye, followed by this:

at Colorado State
at San Jose State

Those aren’t gimmies (what in the absolute hell, Spartans?) but SDSU will likely be favored in all five of those games. Win them all and that Nov. 15 showdown against Fresno State with the West title on the line should be fun as hell. Lose one or two of them? Well, hoops starts on Nov. 5.  

The crowds ain’t gonna be great for a bit
More great news for #PadresTwitter in the wake of the Andy Green firing: SDSU’s upcoming home games against Wyoming and Nevada are sure to be an attendance shamer’s paradise. Think last night’s sparse crowd but without all the students. And don’t think of this as throwing shade at the student body, which has shown up in pretty good numbers for the first two games and were rewarded with seven quarters without a touchdown and a game-ending 37-yard sack to tell their kids about.

If I were 18-21 with a variety of entertainment options, I might sit the rest of this campaign out, too. 

Gird thy loins for MOAR HOT TAKES about who deserves and who does not deserve the Qualcomm site. The good news: The vote is already won, Twitter has a mute button and deserve ain’t got shit to do with it. The haters — and I cannot stress this enough — can continue to suck it.

Root for Boise (convulses uncontrollably)
The Broncos are now in the driver’s seat for the New Year’s Six bid after UCF’s shock loss to the Pitt Superweapon on Saturday.

Aztecs fans need to now hope the Broncos go 12-0 in the regular season setting the table for two possible outcomes:

  • Boise raining sweet, sweet cash and legitimacy on the rest of the conference.
  • Rocky and the boys ripping their potato hearts out on The Blue in the MWC championship game.

Go Boise State!!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to scrub myself with bleach.

Author: Aztecs Killing Him

Former proprietor of AztecsKillingHim dot com, a long-dead SDSU sports blog that was possibly dumber even than this one. On Twitter at @akh_blog.


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